How to Zoom in on Photos and Videos on Instagram

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Most of us like Instagram and used to watch lots of pictures, videos and stories of celebrities or friends. But sometime we can’t clearly see that picture or read something clearly, so we just zoom that picture or video.

Zooming the pictures or videos helps you to clearly see the things and you can easily read them out. We are going to tell you how to zoom in on photos and videos on Instagram on a mobile.

How to Zoom in on photos and videos on Instagram on Smartphone

These are some steps which helps you to understand how you can zoom the picture or videos over the Instagram:

1. Open Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your mobile.

zoom instagram

2. Sign in: Enter your email id or username with password and then log in.

zoom instagram

3. Tap on Home button: After login, tap on home button which is located at the bottom-left corner.

zoom instagram

4. Choose the post: Scroll down, just choose the picture or video of your choice.

zoom instagram

5. Spread two fingers on the post: Tap on picture or video and Spread your two fingers apart on that picture or video for zooming.

zoom instagram

6. Remove your fingers: Just remove your fingers from the screen, and it will back to it’s original form.

zoom instagram

When you zoom the picture by spreading your fingers, you can choose any of your fingers, but you have to hold for a while for the zooming.

You can also use another way through which you can zoom the pictures or videos on Instagram, you can just go to the device

Settings of your phone, tap on accessibility, then on magnification gestures. Now go back to the Instagram and tap on the picture you see the magnification effects. That’ the whole procedure ”Settings>accessibility>magnification gestures>ON”.

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