How to Share on Instagram

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Social media is getting common day by day. You can find everyone there. Many brands and public figure do promotions on social media because it has a higher engagement.

When you consider the engagement, Instagram is on the top. You want to start showing your work on this platform, you need to post regularly.

While scrolling over the news feed in Instagram, you found some of the very attractive, motivational, or useful pictures or videos over it. If you want to share that post on your Instagram account or for any other platform like Facebook, whatsapp you have to follow some of these steps:

 How to share on Instagram - on Mobile

Here are the few easy steps to share on Instagram.

  1.  Open the app: Open your Instagram app which is available in your smartphone.
  2. Login: If you haven’t logged in yet, just enter your username with password and then login.
  3. Tap home icon: Tap the home icon which is in the bottom of page.
  4. Choose a picture: Now choose a picture or video, you want to share on Instagram. You can pick it from your news feed or search from the search bar.
  5. Tap on three dots: When you choose the post, you see aa three circular dots, a pop up will generate, tap on copy link.
  6. Download the app for repost: In App store in IOS devices and play store in Android store, you can get many repost apps such as "repost", "buffer" etc.
  7.  Open the app and link with your Instagram account: Open the app and add your Instagram account to the app that you can share through this app.
  8. Paste the URL: Now paste the URL you have copied from your last post you want to share.
  9. Add filter: Instagram provides the filter options that you can change the look of your picture.
  10. Write the caption: Now write down about your post or write anything you want to share with your friends. There is no limit of words but keep it short. It makes more engagement.
  11. Tap ‘tag people’: You can tag the person in your pictures, same as Facebook. You can boost the engagement by doing this. You can tag maximum 30 users in one post.
  12. Tap ’add location’: If you want to add location. Select the location based on your picture. You can choose location if you have turned on the location for Instagram.
  13. Link with other social media apps: You can post this picture on other platforms on the single tap on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can directly link their other apps here. It also boosts your post.
  14. Tap ‘share’: Now tap on share button which is in the right at the top. Now your post has been shared with your all followers.

You can see your posts on your profile. Tap the profile tab which is in the right corner at bottom and see your all posts there. Posting facility is only available on mobile apps not on desktop. That's the whole procedure how to share on Instagram.

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