How to Scan TikTok QR Code

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Gone are the days when you have to type your friend's name now you scan TikTok QR code and add friends with ease. It's really hard to search your friend and especially we need to spell the username exactly same but now we can scan TikTok QR code and add our friends. It's really a simple procedure with the help of this guide you can easily add your friends by just scanning TikTok QR code.

Steps to Scan the TikTok QR Code

1. Open the TikTok application: On your Android device, you will see a black icon with white music note on it. Tap on the icon to launch the TikTok application. Scan Tik Tok code

2. Tap on the Person icon to go to your profile: You will see a person icon at the bottom right corner of the main page of the TikTok application. Just tap on that icon to open your profile page. Scan Tik Tok code

3. Tap on the three dots to go to Privacy and Settings page: On your profile page at the top right corner you will see three horizontal dots just tap on that to open your Privacy and Settings page. Scan Tik Tok code

4. Privacy and Settings: On this page, you can change or modify a lot of things like Manage your account you can also modify you privacy and safety settings. Scan Tik Tok code

5. Tap on Manage My Account: Under "Account" section you will see an option "Manage My Account" tap on it. To get your TikTok code and also you can scan other's code. Scan Tik Tok code

6. Tap on "My TikCode": You will see a My TikCode option there. Just tap on it to open your TikTok code which you can share with others and they can add you easily by just scanning your TikTok code. Scan Tik Tok code

7. You will be able to see you TikTok QR code: You can now share your TikTok QR code with anyone and they can easily add you by just scanning the QR code. Just save the Image by tapping on the save image option at the bottom left. Scan Tik Tok code

8. Tap on the Scan option: You will see a scan option at the bottom right of the page. Just tap on it to scan TikTok QR code and add friends through it. Scan Tik Tok code

Scan the TikTok QR code -

9. You can now scan any QR code: Your camera will be opened and you need to scan the QR code just keep in mind to keep the code in between the frame given on the screen. Scan Tik Tok code

10. Tap on follow: You will be redirected to the profile linked to the QR code and now you can Tap on the follow button and that's it no need to search his username and mess up in the stuff. Scan Tik Tok code

With QR code it's really easy to add friends and or follow people. Use them to share your TikTok account or add your companions. Just scan away for simple and easy access to TikTok profiles! All TikTok users have their own unique QR code find your and share it with the world.  

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