How to Find Deleted TikTok Videos

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One can find deleted TikTok videos. Yes, you hear it right! Tiktok has a humongous collection of videos posted by numerous users. You may come across videos on the profile that is no longer useful for you. Or you may have discarded the video due to the quality of the recording. While after a while you may want your deleted Tiktok videos back. Well, you can get them using the steps mentioned here in this guide. Also, keep the track of updates of the Tiktok app. This makes Tiktok better functioning with all the latest updates in the app.

Find Deleted TikTok Videos With 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the TikTok app: Before starting, check on your device that you have deleted the Tiktok or still have it.

  • Now if you want to install Tiktok once again, you can go to the Google play store and get it from there.
  • Then click on the app icon.
  • Next, open the Tiktok app on your screen.
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Step-2 Tap on 'Profile': When you open the Tiktok app, its homepage pops up on your screen.

  • There are many options located at the bottom taskbar.
  • You have to go to your Profile icon.
  • Next, click on it.
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Step-3 Tap on 'heart symbol': Once your profile page appears on your screen.

  • You will find numerous icons and options there.
  • Now find the heart symbol icon.
  • Then tap on it and open it.
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Step-4 You will see the deleted video without any pic and likes: Here you will get all your deleted Tiktok videos.

  • They will not show any pictures and likes on them.
  • You can click on any video to play or view them.
  • Hence, here is how you can get your deleted Tiktok videos back.
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Can You Repost Your Deleted Tiktok Videos On Your Account?

Yes, you can repost the deleted Tiktok videos on your account. There is a rule on reposting the old deleted content again on Tiktok. However, you may not achieve or can achieve the number of views you got before on the same video. So the result of the success of a Tiktok video may change from earlier with reposting it.

Can You Edit The Deleted Tiktok Videos While Reposting It?

Yes, you can edit the deleted Tiktok videos at the time of reposting them. In addition, you can add or trim the Tiktok videos at your convenience. This is a great opportunity to make your Tiktok videos more attractive than before.

Can You Log Out Of Tiktok App?

Yes, you can conveniently log out from the Tiktok App. However, you may rejoin the Tiktok app once you have taken a mole amount break from it.

  • Or you can choose to stay longer out of the Tiktok app as much as you want.
  • To log in again on the Tiktok app. You have to use your set email id or mobile number linked with your Tiktok account.
  • In addition, you may change or forget your password to get access to your password when forgotten.






Another Method

Sometimes you delete a TikTok video after uploading it and you may need it to watch later. You can easily find deleted TikTok videos just by following the guide given below.

In the step-by-step guide given below, you will find a procedure to find deleted TikTok videos. You can see them even after deleting them. Just follow the steps given below and you are good to go.

How To Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

Steps to find deleted TikTok videos:

1. Launch the TikTok application: First of all, on your android device, you will need to look for a black icon with a music note on it. It's the trademark icon for the TikTok application. Just tap on the icon to launch the application on your phone. find deleted tiktok videos

2. Tap on your Profile: After you have opened the TikTok application you will see your profile button at the bottom right corner of the main page. It will be with a person icon with me written under it. Just tap on it to open your TikTok profile. find deleted tiktok videos

3. Go to drafts: On your profile, you will see a heart icon with a lock on it. It's where all your draft videos are saved. Just tap on the icon to open all your drafted videos. find deleted tiktok videos

4. Go to the video: Now you can see all your video and you can choose the video that you deleted and you want to see it again. Just tap on the video. The deleted videos will usually have a cracked video camera icon.

find deleted tiktok videos

5. Tap on share: After the video gets open you will see a share icon at the right side of the video. Just tap on the forward arrow icon to share it with someone or download it to your gallery. find deleted tiktok videos

6. Tap on Save video: You can now save the video to your gallery by tapping on the save video option. You can also share on different social media platforms. For example, if you want to send a video on Whatsapp just tap on the Whatsapp icon. find deleted tiktok videos

7. Go to your Gallery: After you have saved the video to your gallery close the Tiktok application. Now open your mobile phone's gallery to see the downloaded video. find deleted tiktok videos

8. Tap on Videos: In your gallery tap on the videos to see the video which was saved from the tiktok application.

find deleted tiktok videos

9. Tap on the video: You will see all the videos which are saved in your phone's gallery. Just tap on the video that we downloaded from the TikTok application. find deleted tiktok videos

Hence, you can now finally see the deleted TikTok video on the phone and share it, with anyone, you want to share. You even upload it to the TikTok application again.

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