How to Follow TikTok User by ID

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TikTok allows you to follow other users who you like. It enables you to follow them and then watch all their videos and other content they create as It comes on your feed. You can also like and comment on their videos. For this, you need to follow a user. There are many ways to do this, but one such way is to follow by user ID. This is the simplest method to follow anyone. It may be a friend or a celebrity.

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Steps to follow a user by ID

  1. Launch the TikTok application: The first step is to open the application. Locate the app in the app drawer of your phone. It should have a white color music note icon. Tap on it once to open.
  2. Open the search option: Once you open the application, it will automatically open it to your feed. From the feed, you have to go to the search option. For this, you have to tap on the search icon.
    follow TikTok user by ID
    It is present in the bottom left of the screen, at the left of the “add new” option, and is represented by a tiny magnifying glass icon. When you tap on it, it takes you to the search screen.
  3. Type the user ID in the search bar: The next step is to type the User ID of the person you want to follow. Tap on the search bar once. It will automatically open the keypad.
    follow TikTok user by ID
    Type out the exact TikTok user ID of the person and search for it. It has to be noted that the exact user ID has to be entered for the most accurate search.
  4. Locate the account of the user: Once you search for it, it gives a list of users who have similar user IDs. From this list, you have to locate the person you wanted to follow.
    follow TikTok user by ID
    Scroll through the suggestions If you can not find it. But most of the time, it is always located at the top. Especially if you use the correct user ID. Once you locate the person, Open his/her profile by taping on it once.
  5. Follow the user: The final step to follow a TikTok user by ID is to follow them. Once you open their profile, it will give you many options. Find the option of “follow” and tap on it once.
    follow TikTok user by ID
    ​​​​​​​This option is usually present in front of the user’s ID and is usually represented in a blue box and white text, but this may change with the update in the application. Once you tap follows, you will start following that person immediately provided he/she has a public profile. If not you have to wait for approval.

The above steps explain the way in which an Individual can follow a TikTok user by ID. The procedure to do this is very simple and one can easily follow the person they want to follow.

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