How to Crop or Trim Songs on TikTok

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TikTok allows users to record videos with music, but the time limit for a video is one minute. There are little to no songs that are one minute long. This gives rise to the need to Crop or trim songs on TikTok according to the need of the user. To crop or trim songs on TikTok means to cut down the tune only to the parts that you want. Therefore, the steps to be followed to crop or trim a song are explained below.

Steps to Crop or trim songs in TikTok (Adding the track)

1. Launch TikTok application: Launching the application is the first step that you need to carry out. To launch the TikTok application, you have to locate the application from the app drawer and tap on it once. The white color music note icon as shown below is the icon that represents TikTok application. Crop a song on tik tok

2. Select the "Add new"option: TikTok will automatically open in the feed section. From the feed section, you have to navigate to the "add new" section that is represented by the "+" icon. As shown by the picture below, tap on the "+" icon once to go to the "Add new" section wherein your camera will be launched.

Crop a song on tik tok

3. Tap on the "Add a sound"option: To add the sound for the video clip, tap on the "add a sound" option as shown in the picture below. in order to be able to crop a sound, you have to add it and this option enables you to do so. The music menu will open after you tap this option. Crop a song on tik tok

4. Search for the track: In the song list, you notice a search bar present right at the top. As shown in the picture below, Tap on the search bar after which your keypad will be launched. Type out the name of the song you want to use and search for it. Crop a song on tik tok

5. Locate the song: The search results will give you a number of related songs. Locate the song of your choice from these results by scrolling down. You have to make sure it is the right song and by the right artist before you add the track. Crop a song on tik tok

6. Add the Track/Song: Once you have located the song you want to add, you can then add the track. In order to do this, tap on the name of the song. By tapping on the name of the song, a red color tick mark option will appear as shown below. You have to tap on that Tick mark option to add the track. Crop a song on tik tok

Steps to crop or trim songs on TikTok (Cropping the track)

7. Select the "Crop/Trim track" option: To trim the song, you have to first access the cropping option. As shown in the picture below, the cropping option is present at the right of the screen. Tapping on this option once will enable you to edit the duration of the song. Crop a song on tik tok

8. Drag the track to trim it: When you tap on the crop track option, the song appears in the form of a series of vertical bars as shown below that represent the track. You have to drag this series of white bars according to your need. Place the section you want the song to start at, at the beginning. Crop a song on tik tok

9. Tap on the "Tick" option: Tap on the tick mark option as shown in the picture, after you are satisfied with the song. To confirm your cropping of the track you have to use this option. Therefore you have to tap on it once, after dragging the track according to your choice. Crop a song on tik tok

10. Record the Video: The video has to be recorded after you have cropped the track. To record the video, press and hold the red color recording button as shown below and capture your video. Record the video in accordance to the song you set. Crop a song on tik tok

11. Select the Tick mark option: After recording the video you have to then tap on the tick option. As shown below, the option is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on it once to access other formatting options.

Crop a song on tik tok

13. Edit your video and Tap on "Next": Tapping on the tick option will give you the screen shown below. Here you can add various filters as well as effects to your video. As indicated by the arrow, Tap on the next option after editing the video. Crop a song on tik tok

14. Post the Video: Tapping on the "next" option gives you the following screen. Here you can add a suitable caption as well as confirm privacy settings for your post. When you are satisfied with all of the details, tap on the post option as shown below. It will post your video. Crop a song on tik tok

The steps explained in the above article will enable you to crop a song on TikTok. You have to just ensure that you follow all the steps carefully. In this way, you can crop or trim songs on TikTok to suit your requirement. This tool is available to all songs.

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