How to Get Featured on TikTok

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Do you want your post to get featured on TikTok? If so, then the article explains the way in which you can. A featured post is one that appears on a particular hashtag and reaches a wider audience. When a particular video is very good, the user may want it to get featured. This is because featured posts get more views as well as interaction. Thus the article explains how you can get your post featured.

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Steps to get featured on TikTok

1. Launch TikTok application:The first step to get your content featured on TikTok is to launch the application. You have to locate the TikTok icon from the app drawer and tap on it once. As shown in the picture below, the TikTok application will be represented by a white color music note icon. Get Featured on TikTok

2- Go to the Search section : When you open the TikTok application, it opens in the feed section. You have to then navigate to the search section. Tap on the small magnifying glass icon as shown below. Get Featured on TikTok

3- Tap on the Search bar : After you go to the search screen, you will notice a small bar at the top. Tap on the search bar as shown in the picture after which your keypad will be launched. Get Featured on TikTok

4 - Search for "#Featureme" : In the search bar, you can search for anything you wish to find. You have search for "#featureme" by using the keypad to type. Once you type it out, click the red color search option as shown in the picture below. Get Featured on TikTok

5- Check the "Hashtags" section : When you click the search option, it will give you a list of users. You have to then navigate to the hashtags. For this, you can tap on the "Hashtags" options as shown below and a list of related hashtags appear. Get Featured on TikTok

6- Choose the Trending Hashtags : In the results, you will notice certain trending hashtags. These hashtags are the ones that get most exposure and interaction. You have to see which of these ones is trending at the moment as shown by the picture below. Get Featured on TikTok

After you Find out which Hashtags are trending, you can use them yourself. When you post any video on TikTok, the use of a trending Hashtag will ensure that your video will get featured. If any other users search for the same hashtag, your post will also appear among the others. In this way any user can get featured on TikTok.

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