How to Logout in TikTok

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To keep our TikTok account safe it's really important to logout TikTok so that no other person can use it on your phone and misuse it and upload the video to your TikTok account. So follow this guide to know How to logout in TikTok? It also helps to keep your account safe and attain certain level of privacy as no one can take your Phone and Upload or watch videos on your device.

Steps to logout in TikTok

1 . Open the TikTok application: Firstly, on your android device you will see a black icon with a white music note on it. Its the trademark icon for the TikTok application. Tap on it to launch your TikTok application.

Logout in tik tok

2. Open your Profile: By tapping on the person icon situated on the bottom right corner of the main page of the TikTok application you can open your Profile page. Logout in tik tok

3. Tap on three dots option: On the profile page at the top right corner you will see three horizontal dots. Tap on it to open the Privacy and Safety page where you will be able to logout from TikTok. Logout in tik tok

4. Privacy and Settings: TikTok now offers more privacy controls. You can go to Privacy and Safety option under the app settings. We can view and adjust our privacy controls at any time. Logout in tik tok

5. Tap on Log out : Finally you will need to scroll to the lowest of the page and you will find a "Log out" option which allows us to logout from TikTok. Logout in tik tok

6. Tap on Confirm: A pop-up will open asking you whether are sure about logging out from the TikTok. Tap on Confirm to proceed with the option. Logout in tik tok

You will be finally logged out of the TikTok application. You can just log in the next time you want to use your TikTok application. Hope this guide would have helped you and if you have any other queries about TikTok application you can go through our other guides on TikTok.

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