How to Make TikTok account private

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TikTok offers many privacy settings to protect your videos and content. One of the main privacy options that it offers is the option to make your profile private. Making your profile private means only those who follow you can see your content. You will have the option of granting permission to users to follow. Making your TikTok account private lets you monitor who is following you. The procedure to make your TikTok account is simple and is explained in the following article.

How to Make Tiktok Account Private

Steps to make TikTok account private

1. Launch TikTok application: The first step is to launch the application. Find the application from your app drawer in your phone. The TikTok app is represented by it’s trademark white color music note icon. Tap on it once to open the app. It will automatically open the feed section.

TikTok account private

2. Go to profile: From the feed section, you have to go to the profile. Tap on the “Person” icon located at the bottom right of the screen. It will take you to your profile and display all the videos and content you post.

TikTok account private

3. Tap on the Three dots: In the profile, you will find many options. You have to tap on the three dots that are present at the Top right corner of your profile. The dots represent the menu. Different options are available in this menu. When you tap on the dots, a dialog box of different options opens.

TikTok account private

4. Select “Privacy and Settings”: From the options that appear, you have to select the option of “Privacy and settings”. Tap on it once to select it. When you open it, you will get a number of privacy settings.

TikTok account private

5. Choose “Privacy and Safety”: In the privacy settings, there will be a number of other privacy options. From the list that appears, you have to choose the option “Privacy and Safety”. Scroll down and find it. When you find the Privacy and safety option, tap on it once to open.

TikTok account private

6. Turn on the “Private Account” option: When you open the privacy and safety options, you have to locate the option of private account. You should find it as the second option in this section. You can go ahead and turn on the private account option. Just tap on the button in front of the Private account option. After doing this, your TikTok account will be made private.

TikTok account private

The above steps explain the steps to be followed to Make your TikTok account private. When you make your TikTok account private, you will have the option of authorizing who can follow you. A private account helps to maintain privacy and security of your content.

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