How to Save BeReal Photos

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Is it possible to save images that you or another user has posted to the BeReal app? This is one of the most frequent queries users have while using the app. This guide will assist you in comprehending how the BeReal application manages user-submitted photos. Let's look at how we can save BeReal photos.

Step 1: Open the BeReal app: Firstly, you have to open the Bereal app from your mobile icon.

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Step 2: Tap on post a BeReal: After your account is created, you can see an option "Post a BeReal". Select that option now.

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Step 3: Take a BeReal: After following the previous step, you will see a the camera pops up. Now click on the big button to click a snapshot.

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Step 4: Tap on save: This is your last step. Choose the option given in the picture to save the photo which you have just taken.

There you go! The photo will then be saved to the camera roll on your phone. This is how you quickly save a BeReal to the gallery on your phone.


Can I Restore Another Person's BeReal?

Not at all. On this programme, there is no precise way to preserve someone else's BeReal. You can try a few workarounds for this, though. You can attempt capturing a snapshot of his BeReal or you can request that individual provide you the saved BeReal using another application.

Do you store your images on BeReal?

Every picture you upload to BeReal is stored on the company's servers. It's not saved in your gallery. 

Should I give BeReal to my 13-year-old?

The fact that BeReal is "built for sharing among friends" makes it "safer than a lot of apps," says child advocate and internet safety expert Anne Collier. BeReal profiles are by default private, making them "as safe as your social circle." However, according to app, BeReal is for the child more than 14 years.

What information regarding the BeReal app should parents know?

BeReal is a social media software on iOS and Android devices that parents need to be aware of. Children gets he opportunity to share one photo per day with associated friends. Children can reply to posts by posting selfies that display various facial expressions.

Can I utilise one of my camera roll's pictures?

BeReal users cannot access their camera rolls, in contrast to other social media apps. Because we know we can post Instagram stories from your camera roll. You cannot upload previously captured photographs to the app due to this restriction. You can post immediate pictures only. This is in line with the app's objective to encourage users to upload candid images and live more honestly online.

BeReal wants its users to be real. That's why it allows its users to take pictures instantly without getting decked up. But if you like your snap, you can save your BeReal photos from the app.

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