How to Get Rid of BeReal Notifications

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BeReal is a brand-new social networking site that emphasises capturing moments and memories without requiring you to spend hours curating and editing your posts. Moreover, to stop receiving any more BeReal notifications, you may simply turn off the app's notifications. Follow the steps below to learn the process of "How to Get Rid of BeReal Notifications."

How to Turn on BeReal Notifications on iPhone

Get Rid of BeReal Notifications in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Open the BeReal app: Start by opening the BeReal application on your phone.

  • In Play Store the application is available.
  • Have a stable internet network in your home.
  • To improve your taste on online platforms, create an account in BeReal.
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Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon: Secondly, you have to discover the profile icon on your screen. Find it on the right side after opening the BeReal application.

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Step 3: Tap on the 3 dots: Thirdly, take a look at the three dots option available and tap on it.

  • Three dots icon is present in the right-hand corner.
  • Take a look at the attached picture.
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Step 4: Tap on Notifications: In the fourth step, you have to tap on notifications because it will take you to the permissions. Make sure you click you follow the image attached below.

  • You have to choose the option from the third position.
  • Tap on that particular option from the four options available there.
Image Titled get rid of BeReal notification Step 4

Step 5: Turn off Every option: Finally, turn off every option to get rid of BeReal notifications.

  • Turn off notifications for comments, mentions, friend requests, and BeReal lates.
  • See the picture to have a clear knowledge.
Image Titled get rid of BeReal notification Step 5

Consider these five steps to get rid of BeReal notifications: Moreover, follow the images attached to get clear information about the steps written there.


How do I get rid of a persistent notification?

First, press and hold on the persistent notification to quickly remove it from Android. As an alternative, you can swipe the notification left or right to display a gear symbol on either side, which you can then tap.

Do you regularly receive a BeReal notification?

Once each day, users get a random-time message that reads, "Time to be real." The user now has a two-minute opportunity to share a photo of what they are doing right now.

Why does BeReal only ever activate at night?

You are only permitted to publish on the app once every 24 hours. Wait till it is beyond time to take a BeReal if you want your time to be 6-7.

You posted what on BeReal, right?

Only when requested on BeReal can you publish images in the two-box, front- and back-camera format. More content, such as additional photos, cannot be posted. Moreover, you can retake a BeReal picture if it is not proper.

Can you grow your BeReal following?

You cannot have followers on BeReal. On the app, you have friends instead of followers, and only these chosen groups of people may view your updates, much like the original social networking services.

Now, you will have a clear idea about the topic. Lastly, if any question arises in your mind, you can ask it in the comments.

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