How to Delete a Comment on BeReal

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You can disable offensive comments or any other types of comments on BeReal. There are many people who writes useless comments on your post. Thankfully you can just delete those comments without any difficulties. It's better to ignore such people. So now let's look into the steps carefully.

Delete Comments on BeReal

Delete a Comment on BeReal in Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Open the BeReal app: Firstly, Open the BeReal application on your mobile phone.

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Step 2: Open comments: Next you have to open the comments section on BeReal. Look for the comment which you want to delete.

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Step 3: Tap and hold the comment: Here, long press on the comment for a few seconds. A box like thing will appear. Now let's go to the next step.

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Step 4: Tap on the delete icon: Lastly you will a box appears around the comment which you have long pressed. On the top right corner you will find a trash bin icon appeared. Click on it.

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This is how you can permanently get rid of the unwanted comment on your posts. You can delete as many comments as you want. Also you can add a comment in BeReal.


Want to know about Realmoji and Comment Posting on BeReal?

You can send a Realmoji to anyone, even in the discover area, but you can only remark on your friends' BeReals. However, the Realmoji and comment icons should both be visible on the BeReal. Simply tap the comment option, type your message, and then email it. Alternatively, you might mention @users. In any case, you cannot respond to a response.

Can I hide my comment on BeReal?

Bear in mind that BeReal does not support private messaging, and even if your account privacy settings are set to "Private," your comments on other users' photos are visible to their friends.

Does all the comments get deleted when you delete your post?

Yes absolutely. If you have posted that picture and later delete it then all the comments attached to that post gets deleted instantly.

Why it's not a good idea to delete comments?

Because "delete" is an irrevocable and obvious action that social media users react poorly to, in our opinion Often, removing a negative comment causes greater harm because: The user is far more likely to notice that they have been censored and become upset. But if it is an annoying one then delete it.

What happens to comments on a POST that is deleted?

Social media comments can be deleted to make them invisible. The user who posted it won't be able to see it after you delete it, and they won't even be aware unless they go back and read their comment again.

Offensive comments should not be encouraged even if he/ she is your close ones. You can also choose to report that person. You can also view other's posts in BeReal and check those comments.

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