How to Make BeReal Private

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BeReal has a discovery button that displays public BeReal posts all over the world. You may be getting concerned about it and you don't want any unauthorised people to view your posts. So, don't worry. To secure your BeReal account, all it takes is one photo a day, so don't be scared. Follow these steps to make your BeReal account private.

Make BeReal Private

Make a BeReal Private in 5 Steps.

Step 1: Open the BeReal app: Firstly you have to open the BeReal app.

  • From your mobile, open your BeReal account.
  • If you don’t have the app then download it from Google Play Store.
  • Next create login to your account just like you login to Facebook on iPhone.
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Step 2: Take a BeReal: Next you have to click a picture that is to click a BeReal picture.

  • Open the camera from your app and press the big white button to click your snap shot.
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Step 3: Click on the send icon: After clicking the picture, tap on the send icon. This button will allow you to post your picture. But wait there are two more steps.

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Step 4: Tap on my friends only: In this step, choose the option "My Friends only". This will enable your photo to be visible to your friends only and not the public.

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Step 5: Tap on the send icon: Lastly, click on the 'Send' icon. Now no one can see your BeReal except your friends.

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So, with these simple instructions you can easily make your BeReal private. Now let's look into some commonly raised questions.


Is it possible to keep friends from viewing my posts?

You can find the user by actively searching for them or by tapping on their name in a shared post or remark. 2. Click the "Friends" button located next to the user's name. Next, select "Edit Friend Lists." Step 4: To check off this row, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Restricted."

Possibly only one BeReal per day?

BeReal is constrained in its approach. In contrast to other social media apps that permit users to share and receive an infinite amount of content each day. The software only allows users to post once each day (yes, one). Additionally, users can only publish when the app invites them to, which changes every day.

What happens when users are restricted?

Someone you limit won't be able to see your online status or whether you have viewed their messages. Only they will be able to see any new comments they make on your posts. You can select to see the comment by tapping. You can also unfriend someone on Facebook on iPhone.

If you delete BeReal, what happens?

Furthermore, you won't be able to erase the BeReal you publish after you delete one. Following careful consideration, follow these instructions to remove your BeReal. Hence check delete posts in BeReal

Why can just I see my BeReal?

Your BeReal is not public by default.Only your friends may see the photographs you share. You can share your BeReal posts openly, though. When a fresh notification to post your BeReal arrives, all previous BeReal posts are deleted.

Its a good thing to make your BeReal private because you don't know how the cyber crimes works. So it's better to just share it among your friends only.

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