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Your friends can only view whatever you post in BeReal in the app for one day. Naturally, anyone who has access to the post is also free to capture a screenshot, save it to their computer's photo collection, and share it with others. That implies that photos taken using BeReal could still be visible to the public and turned up online later. Here are the steps to see old BeReals.

Your personal BeReal postings are in the "Your Memories" option. You can select any day to view its BeReal and scroll horizontally to browse them all.

See Old BeReals in 4 Steps

Step 1: Open the BeReal app: Download the app from Google Play Store and open it.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon: In the next step, choose the profile icon option.

  • This option will appear at the top right corner of your page .
  • Therefore it allows you to go to your profile page.
Image Titled see old BeReals Step 2

Step 3: Tap on View Memories: In the third step, click on the option "View all My Memories".

  • After clicking on this option you will find here all the pictures that you have taken till now.
Image Titled see old BeReals Step 3

Step 4: Tap on any BeReal: Lastly, click on the the numbers below which will open the BeReals. Thus you will find your old BeReals saved here.

  • Choose any BeReal that you want to see.
Image Titled see old BeReals Step 4

Thus, following some easy steps you can find your old BeReals here. You can revisit your photos and also the memories behind it.


How Will It Affect You If Your BeReal Is Late?

Other than the fact that your friends will be able to see how late you posted, posting a late BeReal has almost no repercussions. You can see the time you uploaded your BeReal, whether it was 20 minutes late, two hours late, or 16 hours late, in the right corner next to your post.

Can Anyone View My Previous BeReal Posts?

BeReal users are not given access to a public profile archive of their earlier posts, in contrast to other social networking platforms. Memories is a place where only you may access old posts.

How many times can a BeReal be deleted?

You can only delete a BeReal once per day, per the "Delete My BeReal" page, so once your new post is live, there's no going back. You won't have the choice to delete it, so if you do decide to take a second photo and upload it, you had better make it count.

How to click the best BeReal?

Frame what's in front of you on the viewfinder, create a face, stare into the selfie camera on your phone, then push the button to take a BeReal. There might be a need to snap the pictures again because the two were shot so quickly and there was no selfie preview.

Is it visible to others how frequently you retook the BeReal?

The app does permit users to capture several photos. You may check your own post to see how many times you've retaken your BeReal, but it will also display this information to your friends.

These above questions will help you to understand this process better. You can also see memories Facebook on iPhone.

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