How to Start a Scheduled Meeting on Zoom

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The Zoom app provides its users with a wide variety of latest features and options to make the video-conferencing on the app a lot more fun and also convenient. That's why it is so popular among its users from all over the world. One such feature is the feature of scheduling meetings for the future. You can easily schedule future meetings so that you do not have to do everything on the eleventh hour. This feature helps helpful in the case of big webinars and online events when you have to give prior invitations to a large number of people. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to start a scheduled meeting on Zoom.

Sometimes, the event or the Webinar has to be canceled due to some unforeseen circumstances. The app also provides the meeting host to delete the scheduled meetings on Zoom. The participants will also know if you cancel the event. Meanwhile, let us dive into the fun process and learn how to start a scheduled meeting on zoom.

Most Common Zoom Mistakes

Start a Scheduled Meeting on Zoom in 3 Steps

Step-1 Open Zoom app: Tap on the Zoom app icon on your device.

Also, make sure that you are using the account or device from which you have scheduled the meeting earlier.

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Step-2 Click on Meetings: After the app opens up, click on the 'Meetings' option. This option is present at the bottom of the app window among some other options like Meet and Chat, Contacts, and More.

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Step-3 Click on Start to start the meeting: Then, you will be able to see all the meetings that you have scheduled along with the date and time. Just click on the start button. And the meeting scheduled for this time will start automatically.

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Cab We Also Schedule A Meeting With No Fixed Time?

Yes, you can easily schedule a meeting on the Zoom app which has no fixed time. You may want to conduct this meeting more than one time or even again and again on some regular or alternate basis. In the Zoom app, such meetings are called recurrence or recurring meetings. You can schedule them. Such meetings can recur 50 times and after that, you have to schedule again.

Is Zoom the Same As Google Meet App? Which is Better?

Zoom app and Google Meet App are both video conferencing apps. They both have gained popularity and momentum in the lockdown era. During the lockdown, online meetings, jobs, and educational classes were the need of the hour. They were possible with these apps. Both of these apps have their own unique and great features. Rest, it depends on the users and their expectations.

Can We Share the Google Meet Link just like The Zoom Link?

Yes, it is possible to share the Google Meet link on other apps and platforms. In this way, you can invite other people and participants to the meeting. It is the same feature as the zoom app.

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