How to Use Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom Meeting

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Zoom is the hub for all your professional meetups or discussions. Zoom meetings were the savior during the pandemic. Work from home was made easier through zoom meetings. Furthermore, you can join the meetings on zoom plus can make them more approachable too. It is always better to have a better background while meetings on zoom. So you can play around with filters or background on zoom. In this guide, you will know how to use virtual backgrounds on zoom meeting with the simplest steps.

Why Virtual Backgrounds options not showing in Zoom App

Use Virtual Backgrounds On Zoom Meeting With 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Zoom App: To know the settings of the background, you have to first go to the Zoom app on your device. Then click on the app. Next, open the zoom app on your screen.

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Step-2 From the Meeting, Click on More: Now once the homepage of zoom appears on your screen. You have to go to the meetings option. Now you will have a bottom taskbar with different options. Tap on More (three-dot icon).

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Step-3 Click on Background & Filters: Now the options will appear on your screen. Navigate to the option of Background & filters. Then click on and open it.

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Step-4 Choose the Type of Background: Now the window will show numerous options of a variety of backgrounds. Here you can choose the type of background of your choice. Then click on the chosen background.

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Step-5 On the Toggle: Now the chosen background page appears with a toggle under it. On the toggle with an option of 'Apply to all meetings'. Then the background will be applied to all the meetings on zoom.

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Step-6 Click on Close to Exit: Lastly, after you change the background settings. Then tap on the wrong icon to close the page and exit.

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Can You Set New Background For Every Meeting On Zoom?

No, you cannot have a different virtual background for meetings on Zoom. In addition, you can only set and use the virtual background for all the meetings. However, you may set one virtual background for one meeting on zoom before applying it for all the meetings.

What Is The Advantage of Virtual Background On Zoom?

Firstly, You don't have to bother about the place to attend the zoom meeting. As nobody can view your background.

  • Next, this portrays the image of professionalism.
  • A clean fixed background will prevent disturbance, unlike the real background or place.
  • Furthermore, virtual backgrounds are more approachable and colorful.
  • Also, the meetings on zoom held with similar virtual backgrounds are very decent and look great with sync in the background.

Can You Make Other Participants Mute While The Meetings On Zoom?

Yes, you can do that. To begin with, if you have conducted meetings using zoom. Then if you want to explain something or give instruction to other participants. Then there is a feature on zoom. In which you can mute all other participants on zoom meetings. This will allow you to speak without the interruption of any other participants. Hence, you can achieve a successful zoom meeting.

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