How to Send Messages in Zoom Meetings

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Zoom App allows you to send messages in zoom meetings if you are not available on a video call.

Zoom Meetings have given the new startups power to make business meetings personal and comfortable for their employees.

It has also made it easy for the employees to work from the comfort of their homes. You can join meeting in zoom and do all activities as you would do in an office environment.

You can easily send messages in zoom meetings by following these steps

How to Use the Zoom Chat Box

Send Messages In Zoom Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open The Zoom App: Click on the Zoom app as shown in the picture below. It shows a video camera as its favicon.

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Step-2 From The Meeting, Click On More: From the menu option of the zoom app, tap on " Meetings". Now, from the meetings option, click on " More" or the icon which has three dots as its favicon.

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Step-3 Click On Chat: Tap on the" Chat" Option from the pop-up menu to send a message.

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Step-4 Type The Message In The Textbox: You can type your text or message in the chatbox. You can also send emojis in the chat if you want.

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Step-5 Click On Send: Tap on the "send" option to send the message that you have typed after being sure it is suitable for the meeting.

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How To Join A Zoom Meeting?

You can only join a zoom meeting if you have an invite link from the admin or if the admin allows you to join the meeting as per your request.

Once you have received the invite link from the admin, download the zoom app and log in. Now, Click on " Join" to send the admin a request for you to join.

Once the admin starts the meeting, you will be automatically joined in the meeting. You can mute or un-mute your audio and video as per your choice.

What Can Be Done If Someone Keeps Disturbing Me In A Zoom Meeting?

If someone is sending unnecessary messages you can choose to block or mute them from the zoom meeting. If you want no disturbances in your meeting, you can choose to mute all participants in the Zoom meeting.

To block or mute a certain person, go on the " All Participants" option and then select the person you wish to block and mute and then select " Block" or "Mute" from the pop-up message.

How To Switch Off My Audio and Video On A Zoom Meeting?

When you join a meeting on the zoom app it always asks you if you wish to turn off your audio and video for the meeting. Enable that option as per your preference.

If you want to turn off your audio in between the meeting then click on your profile picture. Now, tap on the " Settings" option and click on " Audio" now turn it off.

You can also easily just look for the audio icon on the menu bar on your mobile screen, It shows a recorder as its icon, just tap it to switch off audio.

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