How to Delete Files from Google Drive

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Google drive provides the storage or we upload some extra files which is not important. We can delete our files from Google drive easily that can free the space. You can delete files from Google drive with very easy steps. Let’s understand.

Step-1 Open Google drive: You need to open Google Drive in your device.

find and open google drive

Step-2 Select The File: After opening Google Drive, you'll be needed to choose the file you want to delete.

  • Choose the file and click on it.
Select he file from your drive that you want to delete

Step-3 Open the file drop-down menu: Click on the three dots below the image you have selected.

  • A drop-down menu will appear.
Tap on the three dots displayed below the image yo want to delete

Step-4 Select The Option: Click on 'Remove' option with a bin icon from the menu.

From the given options, click on remove

Step-5 Delete The File: Tap on "move to trash" option and your file will get deleted.

Click on

You can easily use these 5 steps to delete files from Google Drive anytime you want.


How Do I Edit A PDF In My Google Drive?

It is very easy to edit PDF in Google Drive. Open your Google Drive app. Simply select your PDF, and tap on the three dots on the right side of the file. Select the 'open with' option in the drop-down menu. Choose the preferred app where you want to edit your document and you will be done.


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