How to print photos from One drive

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Finding a way to Print Photos from OneDrive? Check out this article. Onedrive is a secure place to store your photos. However, once you upload files to Onedrive and share them. So you can use many features to make use of the files. Similarly, this article will guide you through the steps to print photos from Onedrive. Let's start.

Print Photos From OneDrive With 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Website: To begin with, open your available device.

  • Be it a laptop or Pc.
  • Then go to any browser.
  • Next, paste this website and search.
  • After this open the Onedrive website on the screen.
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Step-2 Open photo: Once the Onedrive opens then from numerous folders and files. You have to open the photo which you want to take a print.

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Step-3 Download photo: The next step is to click on the download option. And download the photo on your device.

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Step-4 Open downloaded Photo: To proceed further, go to the downloaded photo. Then open the photo on your screen.

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Step-5 Click Ctrl+p & Choose 'AnyDesk printer': Now you have to click on Ctrl+p. Then from the option list choose 'AnyDesk printer'.

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Step-6 Click 'Print': Now you will have all the details of the print option for the photo. Scroll down and click on print.

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Just a few steps to follow in this article. Then your photos will be printed from Onedrive instantly.


Can You Print Multiple Photos From Onedrive?

You can print multiple photos from Onedrive easily. In addition, you can print all these photos simultaneously from Onedrive. There is a restriction to printing one photo at a time.

Cna You Print Pdfs From Onedrive?

One can use the Onedrive to print the pdfs too. They can also print Documents, files, etc from Onedrive. Note that you must upload documents on Onedrive before printing.

Does Onedrive Allows Large Size File Photo For Print?

Yes, Onedrive allows you to upload large-size photos. Plus you can print them too. Moreover, you can use Onedrive to share large files without errors.

How Many Photos Can You Upload On OneDrive?

If you have signed up on Onedrive with the free plan.

  • Then you can upload of approx 2,500 photos.
  • Although, if you buy a subscription plan then you can upload photos of about 5,00,000.
  • As free plan provides 5 GB of storage while the paid plan gives 1Tb of storage.

Can You Download Photos In Bulk From Onedrive?

Yes, you can download your photos in bulk from Onedrive.

  • Go to the Onedrive account.
  • Then firstly you have to select the folder of photos.
  • Then you just need to press Ctrl+A.
  • Then click on the download option from the upper side of the page.
  • Hence, your photos will be downloaded in bulk from Onedrive successfully.
  • You can check the photos from the download section on your device.

Hope you have understood the process to print photos from Onedrive by reading this article. Also, you will know a lot of information regarding the print option on Onedrive for photos.

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