How to Uninstall Google Drive

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Google drive is the best choice for the storage. It provides the storage for your documents and other files. If you are not using it or you don’t want to use it then you can uninstall Google drive from your desktop and mobile devices.

Let’s learn how you can uninstall Google drive.

How to Uninstall Google Drive in Desktop

Google Drive is a part of Google Workplace and it's a secure place to save your files. You can easily uninstall Google drive and reinstall it from the play store. Others can easily view and edit your files or folders just by invitation. You can easily create a folder in Google Drive to save photos and documents. Creating a Google Drive account can be very helpful as each Google Account includes 15 GB of storage, which helps in clearing safe of your device.

Uninstall Google Drive In 3 Steps

Step-1 Open Playstore: In your device, open the play store application.

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Step-2 Search For Google Drive: After opening the Google Drive application, you will click on the search option.

  • Search for 'Google Drive'.
  • Tap on the application.
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Step-3 Uninstall The Application: Click on the uninstall option and your application will get uninstalled.

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So, with these simple 3 steps, your Google Drive application will get uninstalled.


How I Can Edit A PDF In Google Drive?

It is very easy to edit a PDF in Google Drive. You have got to open the application and choose the PDF you want to edit. Now, click on the three dots option at the underside right corner of the file. Tap on the 'open with' option and select the app in which you want to edit your PDF.

How I Can Install Google Drive?

You can easily install Google Drive by going to the play store application. Search Google Drive and click on install. After installing the application, you'll sign in and use the application.

How Do I Access My Google Drive Account On Other Devices?

Open the Google Drive app on the device. Open the application and log in with your Gmail ID and password and all your files and folders will appear on the other device.

How Do I Use Google Drive Offline?

Open your Google Drive app. To use Google Drive offline choose the file you want to see offline and tap on the three dots option and turn on the available offline option and your file will be available offline.

How to empty trash in Google Drive?

Open the Google Drive application. Tap on the three-bar menu at the top left corner. Then click on the bin option. Here, in the bin, you can see all your deleted files. Now, click on the three-dot menu option at the top right corner. Then click on the 'Empty bin' option and then tap on the 'DELETE FOREVER' option. Your bin will be cleared.

Hence, uninstalling google drive is extremely easy. You'll easily save files to your account and uninstall and reinstall it.

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