How to Delete Amazon Gaming Account

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When you sign up for Amazon Prime, one of the benefits is access to exclusive deals and discounts on gaming gear. But if you’re an Amazon gamer and want to get ahold of your money a little faster, you can easily delete your gaming account and stop receiving emails from Amazon. This isn’t the most ideal solution, but if you’re fed up with Amazon’s conflicting messages about its relationship with gamers, it’s an easy way to get your money back. To delete your gaming account, visit the Amazon customer support page and click “Delete My Account.”

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7 easy steps to delete amazon gaming account:

Step 1: Open the Amazon app: In order to deactivate your account, the very first step would be to open the Amazon app.

  • You can easily open the app on either your Android Phone, IOS, laptop, tablet, or even your personal computer.
  • In case you want to open the app in your IOS or Android phone, you are going to need to download the app.
  • You can easily download the app from PlayStore (fro Android) and App Store (For IOS).
  • Once you are finished installing the app, just tap on the icon as shown below to open it.
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Step 2: Tap on the 3 dot button: The next step would be to tap on the three dots.

  • Once you tap on the app, a screen will appear.
  • On the screen, look at your top left corner to spot an option with three dots as shown below.
  • Once you spot that option, tap on it.


image titled Delete Amazon Gaming Account step 2

Step 3: Tap on "Your things" : Once you tap the three dots, click on "your things"

  • After you click on the three dots, a bar/ menu will appear on the screen.
  • The screen will have various options but you need to scroll down to find "Your Things" option as shown below.
  • Once you spot the option, tap on it.
image titled Delete Amazon Gaming Account step 3

Step 4: Tap on "Manage prime subscription" : After tapping on "Your things", you need to go to "Manage Prime Membership".

  • Once you click on "Your things" you will be taken to a page.
  • While you scroll down the page you will find " Account settings".
  • Go down in the "Account settings" to find Manage Prime membership.
  • Select the option "Manage Prime Membership"
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Step 5: Tap on "End Membership and Benefits": The next step will be to finally end membership and benefits.

  • Once you click on "Manage Prime Membership" you will be taken to another page where you need to scroll down.
  • Once you scroll down, you will find the option "End Membership and Benefits" right under Payment History.
  • Tap on "End Membership Benefits".
image titled Delete Amazon Gaming Account step 5

Step 6: Tap on "Continue to cancel" : Once you click on "End Membership and Benefits" you have to scroll further down to find the option "Continue to Cancel". Tap on it.

image titled Delete Amazon Gaming Account step 6


Step 7: Tap on "End Now" : The very last step would be to click on "End Now". It would be present right there on the screen.

Tap on "End Now" and you have finally deleted your Amazon Gaming Account.

image titled Delete Amazon Gaming Account step 8

This is how you can delete your amazon gaming account. The process is quite easy.

If you don't use Amazon very often, you can easily delete an Amazon account to save space and money. This is especially helpful if you have a few Amazon accounts you use for different things.

Deleting an Amazon account is easy and can be done from the Amazon website or the Amazon Mobile App.

Here's how to delete an Amazon account: Visit the Amazon account you want to delete Click the Gear icon on the upper right corner of the page Click Actions and select Delete Account When the following page comes up, click Delete Account and confirm your decision.

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