How to Delete Amazon E-Gift Cards

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Are you curious to know how to delete Amazon E-gift cards? Amazon, like many other online retailers, accepts gift cards as well as credit and debit cards for payment.
Unfortunately, once you've redeemed an Amazon-branded gift card, it can't be withdrawn from your Amazon account.
Gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, on the other hand, can be deleted in the same way as credit or debit cards can.

Let’s hop right into it and see how to delete amazon’s wish list. We’ll learn step by step to keep this simple so that you could learn easily.

How to cancel Amazon gift card

Delete Amazon E-Gift Card: 5 Simple Steps (With Pictures)

Step 1: Open the Amazon app: First, look for the Amazon icon on your mobile device. However, if you Can’t seem to locate the icon of Amazon then you’ll need to download it from the Google Play Store app. Go to the Google Play Store.

  • Search “Amazon” and click on the download button to install the app.
  • Furthermore, If you don’t wish to download it then you can simply go to your browser and in the search bar type “amazon”.
  • The web page will open in from of your screen.
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Step 2: Tap on the 3 dot button in Amazon App: We will click on the app to open it. Login user Id using Amazon’s logging details. You can either log in by using your Mobile number or by registered mail.

  • If in case you do not remember the password, try logging in by generating OTP or click on forget the password to set a new password.
  • Next, at the bottom, as you can see in this picture, different options are available.
  • To your right-hand side, you can see there are three lines or dots present.
  • Tap on the “3 dot button” to open the menu.
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Step 3: Tap on "Customer services": After you click on the “the dot button” icon, a new menu with many options will appear, and within that menu, you will see an option labeled "Customer Service” To continue, you will need to select that option.

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Step 4: Tap on "Chat with us": Moving on, click on the “Chat with us” option to proceed further. Here you can text your query.

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Step 5: Tell them the issue: You can simply text them “Please cancel my Amazon E-gift card.” and Viola! Now, it’s just a matter of time. Hence, this is how we can delete E-Gift cards from Amazon.

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To end, as stated in the Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions, Amazon Gift Cards can only be used to purchase eligible products and services on Amazon and some affiliated sites. This can also be a reason why people wish to delete their Amazon E-Gift card.

If you're the recipient of a gift, Amazon will handle your refund as an Amazon Gift Card after they receive it. If you're the one who sent the gift, you have the option of receiving a refund to either your gift card balance or the original payment method.

All refunds are subject to our refund regulations and timescales, which may be found in the Refunds section.

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