How to Delete Amazon Business Account permanently

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Fed up with Amazon? Want to delete Amazon business Account permanently? Do not worry, we got you covered. You can Delete the Amazon Business account permanently by your own in just a few simple steps, all you have to do is follow this tutorial. The steps to delete amazon business account permanently are as follows:

How To Delete Amazon Account Permanently

Delete Amazon Business Account Permanently

Step 1: Open Browser: The first order of business in deleting an Amazon business account permanently is to open a web browser with good internet connectivity.

Step 2: Open Amazon: After you open your desired web browser, you will have to type ‘amazon’ on the search bar and then press on search. The next thing that will come up on your screen would be Amazon’s homepage.

Step 3: Tap on 3 dot button above: Many people are doing this procedure while using a mobile device, and if you are too, then you will have to enable some settings on your phone. You will see a 3 dot button on the top right-hand side corner of the screen and you will have to press that button.

Step 4: Tap on "Desktop site": After you click on that 3 dot button, you will see a pop-up menu appear on the screen with one of the options to be “Desktop site”, which you will have to enable.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on "help": When you enable all the settings in your smartphone, you will see that now the Amazon homepage has shifted to desktop mode. Scroll down the page till you find an option called “Help”, this is the option that you will have to choose.

Step 6: Tap on "Customer Services": The next page will appear on your screen with a lot of options and one of the choices would be “Customer Services”, this will lead you to the page which is dedicated to Amazon Customer Support and our process also requires you to click on that option.

Step 7: tap on "Contact Us": When you go ahead on that page, you will find a lot of options for customer help and in there you will find an option called “Contact Us”, which will lead you to talk with an Amazon Customer Service Executive and you have to click that option.

Step 8: tap on "Call me": When you move forward, you will see an option called “Call me”, which will let Amazon Customer Service Executive call you. Go ahead and choose that option.

Step 9: Tap on "other queries and feedback: When you click on the “Call me” option, you will be asked some things in order to let them know why you want to talk to Customer Service and that is why you will have to click on “Other Queries and Feedback”.

Step 10: Tap on "Please make a selection": You will see that a form has appeared on the screen when you finish the above step, and it is marked with the option “Please make a selection”. You will have to put the reason there.

Step 11: Tap on "Password or Account Settings": When you complete the above step, you will see a drop-down menu on your screen, and on there you will see an option called “Password and Account Settings” that you have to press.

Step 12: Tap on "Please make a selection": Another form will appear below that and there too, you will have to tap on the “Please make a selection” option.

Step 13: Tap on "Close my account": Another drop-down menu will appear on the screen, this time you will have to choose the “Close my account”  option.

Step 14: Tap on "Phone": When you fill out both the forms then you will see that the “Phone”  option is now enabled. Go ahead and press that button, so that they can call you and when they do, just ask them to delete your Amazon Business Account permanently and they will do that for you.

See, it was not that hard. You just deleted the Amazon Business account Permanently. If you like this article, you will also like our article on how to delete Amazon order History.

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