How to Check Amazon Pay Later Balance

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Don’t know how to check Amazon Pay Later balance? Well you do not have to worry anymore. We are here to help you. Amazon Pay Later is a feature that is offered by Amazon platform to Amazon customers.

Amazon EMI has been rebranded as Amazon Pay Later where customers can get hassle-free and instant credit via completely digital process. You can get verified for Amazon Pay later feature in just few minutes.

All you need is your PAN (Permanent Account Number) card with you. This loan can be used in purchasing any item from the Amazon platform. You can pay later for an item that you purchased from a period of 3 to 12 months.

And you can view your Amazon pay later balance in just few simple steps. In this article we will provide you with the process to check Amazon pay later balance.

The steps to check Amazon pay later balance are as follows:

Check Amazon Pay Later Balance: 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Open the amazon app: In order to check your Amazon pay later balance, you will have to open the Amazon app from your device which has a proper internet connection. Don’t know where your Amazon App is?

  • Click on the App drawer of your device.
  • You will see that there is an icon of a carton with a smiley that resembles an arrow,
  • That is the Amazon app, click on it to open it.
  • Also you have to make sure that you are logged in with your Account in the Amazon App, otherwise it would not show your Amazon Pay later balance.
  • If you are not logged in, then log in with your Amazon Account.
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Step 2: Search "Amazon pay": After you click on the Amazon app, your Amazon app will be opened and you will be greeted with Amazon’s homepage and on that homepage, you will see various icons. You will also see a search bar on the top of your screen.

  • Click on that search bar and type “Amazon Pay” on it.
  • After you type, click on ‘enter' to search it.
Check Amazon Pay Later Balance-2

Step 3: Tap on "Amazon pay": When you search “Amazon Pay”, you will see multiple search results on the screen and on the top result you will see an option called “Amazon Pay” that you will have to click in order to view your Amazon Pay Balance.

Check Amazon Pay Later Balance-3

Step 4: You can see on the main screen: When you click on the “Amazon Pay”  option, you will be led to the Amazon Pay’s Homepage and there on the homepage you all the stuff related to your Amazon Pay.

  • You will also see your Amazon Pay Balance and Beside that you will be able to see your Amazon Pay Later balance.
  • And hence your Amazon Pay Later Balance is showing in your Main screen.
Check Amazon Pay Later Balance-4

Now you know how to check Amazon Pay Later Balance in just few steps. If you like this article on how to check Amazon Pay later Balance, you will also like our guide on how to collect order from Amazon Locker or how to delete Amazon music playlist.

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