How to Delete Amazon Recently Viewed

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Delete amazon recently viewed is very easy. Many time due to many reason we have to delete the views history in amazon App. There are many options here we are going to expalin some of the simplest way to delete amazon recent viewed.

What is the purpose behind what Amazon recently viewed? why is it important to clear your amazon recently viewed history?

Say you’re in the market for a new game, but you’re not sure if you can justify the full price. What if you had a way to simulate how much game you’d actually play, without having to buy the full version? How much value could you get if you bought the digital version of the game instead? This is the idea behind Amazon recently viewed.

Edit your shopping history to remove items you’ve recently viewed and don’t need anymore. Deleting these items will save you space in your shopping cart and your shopping bag, and free up valuable storage space so you can shop more.

It is also really important to know how to delete amazon search history and How to Delete Amazon Purchase History for the same reason.

How to Delete Amazon Search History on Mobile

Delete amazon recently viewed in 5 Steps

Step 1: Open the Amazon app: Opening the app has to be the very first step.

  • One can consider opening the app in whatever gadget available with you but remember tha app needs to be installed first.
  • It is easy to install the app from Google play store, in case you own an android.
  • In case of IOS, you will need to download the app from app store.
  • Once installed, just click on the icon as shown below to open the app.
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Step 2: Tap on the 3 dot button: The next step in the process is to is to spot and click on the three dot button.

  • Once you click on the icon, the amazon app will open.
  • After opening, look on the top left corner.
  • There will be a button with three dots that looks as shown below.
  • Click on the option
Image titled Delete Amazon Recently Viewed-2

Step 3: Tap on "Your account": Tapping on "your account" is going to be your next step.

  • Clicking on the three dots button will open a sidebar.
  • The sidebar will have various options, you will have to keep scrolling.
  • Scroll till you find an option that says, "Your Account".
  • Once you spot the option, click on it.
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Step 4: Tap on "Your recently viewed items": To view your recently viewed items will be your next step.

  • Clicking on "Your account" will take you to a page.
  • The page will be divided into two parts.
  • Start scrolling under "Account settings"
  • Try spotting "Your recently viewed items"
  • Once you spot it, click on it.
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Step 5: Tap on "Remove item": This is your last and final step in the process, after this you can clear amazon recently viewed history.

  • Once you click on "Your recently viewed items", you will be taken to another page.
  • The page will contain all the items that you have viewed till date.
  • Under each item, there will be an option that says "Remove from view".
  • Click on that option and the amazon recently viewed will be cleared.
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This is how you can clear your amazon recently viewed history. The process is really quick and easy.

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