How to disable Restartable apps in Windows 11

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Sometimes, you forget to close some applications or programs on Windows before shutting down your system. When you again open your device, those applications or programs automatically restart. These are called restartable apps. It is done by windows to save your process or progress in that app. The same thing happens when you are working on some map and your system shuts down because of a low battery. Now, you can easily disable Restartable apps in Windows 11 if you want to.

Apart from this, you should also know how to permanently delete apps on Windows 11 from your desktop or system.

Disable Restartable apps in Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Press the 'Windows' icon or 'Win' keyboard key: Either press the Windows key on your keyboard. Or, click on the Windows icon on your desktop screen.

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Step-2 Choose the ‘Settings’ option: Open the settings option from the menu that opens after the first step.

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Step-3 Open 'Accounts' in settings: Now, you have to go to the Accounts section. And click on it to open it from the left sidebar.

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Step-4 Click on the 'Sign-in options': Then select the Sign-in options from the Accounts section of the settings app.

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Step-5 Turn off the 'Automatically save restartable apps...' toggle: Now, disable the toggle for “Automatically save my restartable apps and restart them when I sign back in”. And, now you're good to go as this was the last step!

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Why Does Windows Have This Feature of Restartable Apps And How is It Helpful?

Windows have this feature of restartable apps due to various reasons. The most basic reason is to save the work or the process of the user while he or she was working on the desktop before it shut down. It is a by-default feature of Windows. If you are working on multiple apps and you shut down your system without closing those apps, then Windows will keep all those apps or programs open.

Can We Download And Install the Adobe Scan App For Scanning?

Yes, you can easily download and install the Adobe scan app from the Play Store to your device. It does not charge a single penny. This app has various features. It can also save your document in any format that you want. If you are using this app on your computer, then you might have to connect a camera and a scanner.

Do We Have a Power Saving Mode in Windows Also?

Yes, we do have a power-saving mode on our desktop ok Windows. We can switch on the power saving mode to make the battery last a little longer when it is already low. The power-saving mode usually decreases the brightness and closes all the background apps. Latest versions of some devices, there is a feature called super power-saving mode. It can make the battery of your device last even longer than the normal power-saving mode. It disables every feature of your device except for emergencies and important things like calls and Contacts.

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