How to Disable Bluetooth in Windows 11

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Once you turn on Bluetooth, it stays on in Windows 11 until you turn it off. Follow this guide to disable Bluetooth in Windows 11. You might have attached a Bluetooth mouse, headphones, or a Pen to work in your Windows 11. The external devices make our tasks smoother. However, we need to disconnect them once our work is over. For that, you should know how to disable Bluetooth.

You can install games in Windows 11 or attach wireless Xbox controllers with Bluetooth to play games on your device.

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 11 in 4 Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: Go to the Windows icon from where you can access all the applications on your device. It is right at the bottom of the screen and is the first icon in the quick access bar.

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Step-2 Go to Settings: Then, go to the settings option from there that takes you ahead to all kinds of changes and settings that you can do on Windows 11.

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Step-3 Click on Bluetooth & Connectivity: The second option in the panel on the left side is Bluetooth and devices. Click on that and you will be almost there to disable Bluetooth.

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Step-4 Disable your Bluetooth: The first option itself is Bluetooth. It has an on/off button so you just have to click on it to disable it.

Thus, your work here is done.

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Is It Necessary to Disable Bluetooth?

There is no harm in keeping the Bluetooth on. However, when you want to pair the external device with some other device, then you will have to turn off Bluetooth on your Windows 11.

For example, you have connected Bluetooth AirPods on a laptop. Now, you want to connect them to mobile. When mobile and laptop, both devices are on, it will be tough to connect. So, you will have to turn off Bluetooth on the laptop so that it can be connected to another device.

How Can I Connect a Bluetooth Device?

Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth. Follow the steps mentioned above. In the end, instead of turning off the Bluetooth, turn it on. Then, you will see a plus icon on the top to add a device. Or else, there is an option below that reads 'Add Device' as seen in the image of Step-4. Click on that.

There will be three categories mentioned to you for the type of Bluetooth device you want to connect. Select the relevant one. Once you do that, it will start scanning for nearby devices. Make sure that the Bluetooth is active on the external device that you want to connect. Once the system detects that device, select that device, and give permission to connect. As simple as that.

Do I Need to Connect Every Time?

Once a particular device is connected, you do not need to follow the procedure of connecting again and again. It connects automatically by just turning on the Bluetooth. There is also a list of devices that you connect and that stay. So, next time, you just have to turn on the Bluetooth and click on connect under that device.

Similarly, you can also disable WiFi in Windows 11 once the task is over.

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