How to check RAM on windows 11

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Before buying any computer, laptop, mobile, tablet or any other electronic device with storage, people mostly check their RAM. RAM is the random access memory of any device. It shows how much is the device capable of storing data and information in its original memory.

It also shows the efficiency of the device. We also recommend due to check the RAM of any device before buying it. Also during using the device. Keep a check on the RAM. Make sure there are no blank folders or unnecessary cache files on your device.

They fill up the unnecessary space. Windows 11 has made this process a lot easier for its users. You can easily check the RAM on Windows 11 of your device. You just have to follow some really short steps and Windows 11 does everything for you.

In Windows 11 there is the latest feature of the dark theme. Till now this feature was only on mobile devices. But with Windows 11, you can turn on the dark mode on your desktop too. To change the dark theme in Windows 11, you have to follow some steps precisely. Coming back to the topic, learn how to check RAM in Windows 11 in the article below.

Check RAM on Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on the 'Windows icon': Clicking on the Windows icon from the taskbar will open the desktop menu for you. From there, you can choose from all the apps and programs available to you on your PC or laptop.

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Step-2 Choose the ‘Settings’ option: Or you can also open the Settings app using the shortcut 'Win+I'.

Image Titled check RAM on windows 11 step 2

Step 3 Click on the 'System' option: Go to the 'System’ section from the left sidebar. It contains all the system and the account-related settings of your device or desktop.

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Step-4 Click on 'About': Now, scroll down and locate the About tile. And then, click on it to enter the section.

This is the last option among the system settings. It contains all the hardware and software-related information of your PC or laptop. You can easily check the RAM from there.

Image Titled check RAM on windows 11 step 4

Step-5 See 'Device Specifications': Finally, you will be able to see the installed RAM on your device. It will be under the ‘Device specifications’ section present on the window.

Image Titled check RAM on windows 11 step 5

What is RAM And What Is The Use of RAM in Any Electronic Device?

The full form of RAM is random access memory. It is the inbuilt storage or the inbuilt memory of any device. RAM varies from device to device.

A device can contain RAM from 4GB to 128 GB also. With the increase in the RAM, the price of the device also increases significantly.

It helps in the storage of data and information on your device. More RAM also ensures the efficiency of the device.

Can We Increase The RAM of a laptop or PC after buying it?

To increase the RAM of your computer or laptop, you have to go to a computer hardware expert or specialist.

They can easily increase the RAM of your device by installing an additional chip in it. The additional chip is just like a memory card. It can be removable or permanent.

Is It Possible To Change the Date And Time in Windows 11?

Yes, you can change the date and time in Windows 11. You can easily do so by going to the settings. You can either set an automatic clock or calendar. Or you can also change it manually as per your choice.

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