How to Factory Reset in Windows 11

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Before moving forward with the article, we would like to tell you what exactly the factory reset feature is. A factory reset is a software formatting feature that erases all the data from your device permanently. It also removes all the saved backups from the memory of your device. It makes the device as raw as new. A person might want to do a factory reset for a number of reasons. In this article, we are going to tell you how to factory reset in Windows 11.

But before that make sure that if you want to keep some of the data from your tablet, laptop, or PC. Then, copy it from your device to some other removable storage device like a pen drive or a disc. If you do not want to factory reset and delete just the temporary files in your device then you can do that also. You can easily delete the temporary files in Windows 11. But, before that learn how to factory reset in Windows 11 in some really easy steps.

Remove Everything In Windows 11

Factory reset in Windows 11 in 9 Steps

Step-1 Click on the 'Start' menu or 'Windows' button: The very basic step is to open the startup menu by clicking on the ‘Start’ button as shown below.

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Step-2 Open 'Settings': The next step requires you to open the settings app on your desktop. Either you can directly click on the 'settings' or you can also use the shortcut key.

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Step-3 Click on 'System': Click on the 'System' section from the left sidebar of the menu. It is the topmost option.

Image titled Factory Reset in Windows 11 step 3

Step-4 Click on the 'Recovery' button: Select 'Recoveryin the right pane or the right-hand side section.

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Step-5 Click on 'Reset PC': Next, click the 'Reset PC' button. It is present under the 'Recovery' options.

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Step-6 Click on 'Keep my files' or 'Remove Everything': A pop-up window will now open up.

  • Click on 'Keep my files' if you wish to keep your files safe. This is one of the best features of Windows 11 because choosing this option will re-install Windows 11, removing all your installed programs, but keep your files and folders from other drives except the C drive.
  • In case you want to delete everything, including all the files on your PC. Then select the 'Remove everything' option before moving forward.
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Step-7 Click on 'Local reinstall' or 'Cloud download': Next, click on the 'Local reinstall' option. It will re-install the same version of Windows 11 that is currently present on your PC. Also, it will take less time since everything is done locally.

Or, if you want to reset your PC and update Windows 11 to the latest stable build, choose the 'Cloud download' option. It will download around 5GB of Windows 11 install files from the internet and take more time.

Image titled Factory Reset in Windows 11 step 7

Step-8 Make 'Additional Settings': Then, make any changes to the “Additional settings” if you’d like. And then, click on 'Next'.

Image titled Factory Reset in Windows 11 step 8

Step-9 Click on 'Reset': Finally, go through the summary and click on 'Reset'. Your PC will now restart, and the factory reset process for Windows 11 will begin.

Image titled Factory Reset in Windows 11 step 9

Do Windows 11 Really Allow Us To Save The Personal Files and Still do the Factory Reset in Our Device?

Yes, in Windows 11 you can do the factors reset while keeping a backup of all your internal personal files. All your personal files will be saved except the files present in the C drive. This is because the factory reset needs to clear the C drive for a functional reset.

Why Should We Do The Factory Reset in Our Device or Windows?

If you are selling your used device to some other person, then you must perform the factory reset before that. In this way, there will be no personal data on your device. If there is any personal data left on your device before selling. Then, someone else might misuse your personal information and it can be harmful. Also, if you think that all the data in your device is useless and you want to increase the performance of your device just like new then you can perform the factory reset. You can also delete passwords in Windows 11 before reselling.

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