How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 11

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As many of you might be knowing that Windows 11 is the latest update of the Windows Operating System. It was released by the company in October 2021. It was released with many latest and unique features. One of the features is to hide the taskbar in Windows 11. The taskbar is the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen of the desktop or laptop. It contains the shortcut and direct access to various functions as well as features of the app. You can easily hide the taskbar in Windows 11. It can make the screen appear even bigger.

There are many features in Windows 11 that are default in the system. But, the user might not want them. So it's easy to customize your Windows style. You can also disable touchpad in Windows 11. It is very easy to do that. Meanwhile, read about how to hide the taskbar in Windows 11.

Hide or Unhide Desktop Icons on Windows 11

Hide the Taskbar in Windows 11 in 6 Steps

Step-1 Click on 'Start': The very first step is to click on 'Start' from your desktop screen. Or simply, click on the Windows Button as shown below.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 1

Step-2 Go to 'Settings': Choose 'Settings' option. Or you can also open the Settings app using the shortcut 'Win+I'. This is the keyboard shortcut key in Windows 11 to go to settings.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 2

Step-3 Click on the 'Personalization' tab: In this step, you have to go to the Personalization section from the left sidebar of the settings menu. It will be the fourth option from the top.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 3

Step-4 Go to the 'Taskbar' option: Under Personalization settings, click on the 'Taskbar' option to view its settings. It will show the taskbar settings related to Windows 11 taskbar.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 4

Step-5 Under taskbar alignment, tick on 'Automatically hide the taskbar': Now, tick the 'Automatically hide the taskbar' check box, and you are all set. Also, Windows will hide the taskbar by default going forward. And then you can also hover your mouse pointer over the taskbar area to temporarily access the taskbar.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 5

Step-6 You can also uncheck the taskbar setting box: In case you're wondering if going to the original setting. You can simply uncheck the 'Automatically hide taskbar. It will easily bring back the persistent taskbar to your PC.

Image titled hide taskbar in Windows 11 Step 6

What Is A Taskbar And What Is Its Use on PC or Laptop?

In a very simple language, the taskbar is the bar that contains shortcuts of takes. In other words, it is the access point for the programs and other apps displayed on the desktop. Windows 11 allows many taskbar features, users can give commands, access resources, and view program status directly from the taskbar. When the program or the app on you're desktop is minimized, it automatically comes in the taskbar.

Is It Possible To stop the Automatic Downloading And Installation of New Updates in Windows 11?

Yes, it is completely the user's or the administrator's choice if they want to install the latest update automatically or not. It is not mandatory to have the updates on the spot. It becomes a necessity to update to the latest version only when the last version is getting scrapped. You can easily pause Windows updates in Windows 11.

Can we set a time for the automatic installation of the window update?

Yes, Windows 11 allows the users to set a time when the window will be automatically updated. You can also set the midnight time. But your PC and your laptop should be opened at that time. You do not have to shut it down.

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