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From time to time, every software releases its new and latest updates with some latest and unique features for the users of the software. It is always important to update your Windows to the latest version. In this way, you will not miss out on any latest feature of the windows which can make the user experience even better.

Windows 11 also releases new updates from time to time. It also notifies the users about the update by giving them and notification on the device or system. It is very easy to update Windows 11. You just need a stable internet connection to download the new version for the new update of the Windows operating system.

But before you update Windows 11, make sure that you have an already activated Windows in your system. If the Windows is not activated, then you might miss out on some good features of Windows. So, make sure to check if Windows 11 is activated. Then, learn how to update Windows 11 in just 5 easy steps.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 for FREE

Update Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on the 'Windows' button to open the menu: In the very first step of this process, you have to click on the 'Windows' (or the ‘Start’) button from the taskbar of your desktop screen. This will open up the Windows menu.

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Step-2 Click opens the 'Settings' form menu: From the 'Windows' menu, click on the ‘Settings’ option. If you are not able to find the settings option. Then, simply type 'Settings' in the search bar and click on ok. It will appear in front of you.

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Step-3 Click on 'Windows Update': In this step, you have to go to the 'Windows Update' section from the left sidebar of the menu.

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Step-4 Click on 'Check for updates: After that, click on the 'Check for updates option. Check if there is an update available. If there is an update available to download, it will show up here. And then, it will be downloaded automatically.

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Step-5 If no Updates are available: If the system is already updated and no latest updates are available then it says you are all set.

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Why Is It Important To Update Our Windows Operating System To The Latest Version?

We will recommend you update your system with the latest version of the Windows operating system. In this way, you can enjoy all the latest features that come with the latest version of the windows. It helps in making Windows, even more, user friendly and also gives a great interface experience. In this way, you can match your pace with the latest technologies.

Is It Possible to Delete Chrome In Windows 11?

Yes, you can easily delete Chrome in Windows 11 if you wish to do so. Chrome is the web browser of Google. There are many other web browsers available for you to download and use freely. Some of the Other web browsers are Opera, and Firefox, among the most popular and reliable ones. So it is not necessary to use Google Chrome only, you can use any web browser you want on your device.

What Are Some Of The New Features Of Windows 11?

Windows 11 has a new Mac-like interface. It also has integrated Android apps which were previously not available and it also supports widgets. And, it also has Xbox technology and better virtual desktop support. It has a good multitasking efficiency.

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