How to Change User Account in Windows 11

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When you use a single device among your friends, siblings, or cousins, you might need to change user account in Windows 11. With the help of this guide, you will learn to add, change, and manage your user account in Windows 11. It is easy to make edits as per your user account. Like you can change desktop icon size in Windows 11 for your user account and not hinder what the other person using the system likes.

You just need to have an email ID with Microsoft account permissions to add a new account and change between the two. If you have that, you are good to go with the further steps.

Change User Account in Windows 11 in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: The windows icon that shifted to the center is your first step to the process. So, click on that to reveal the list of applications on your Windows 11.

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Step-2 Click on Control Panel: Now, you have to select the application of Control Panel. Its icon is as highlighted in the image below. You might not find it in the list of applications.

In that case, use the search bar and type in 'Control Panel.' You will surely get this icon. This is a pre-installed app so it is bound to be there on your device. So, just use the search function if it is not straightaway found.

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Step-3 Click on User Accounts: Now, to change the user account in Windows 11, click on the option of 'User Accounts.'

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Step-4 Click on User Accounts: Now again, click on user accounts when you go forward.

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Step-5 Click on Manage Another Account: There, you will see certain options on the left-hand side. From that, look at the option of Manage Another Account. Click on that to go further.

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Step-6 Click on Add a New User in PC settings: Now, you will see the current user ID on top. At the bottom of the page, there is an option of 'Add a New User in PC Settings.'

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What Information Will I have to Fill Up Next?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you are adding a family member or someone else. Whichever you are adding, select that option. You will need to add their Email ID that is linked to their Microsoft account. Once you add the email ID, you will have to choose between two options. The options are Organizer and Member. This choice depends on how much access you want to give them in your Microsoft Windows 11 Account.

Once you select that, you will have to Invite them. There is an option of inviting. By clicking on that, they will get a mail on the email ID you specified earlier. You need to ask them to check their mail and accept the invitation. Thus, you change the account and add someone to your team.

What More Can I Do on Windows 11?

So, windows 11 is the latest update and has many possibilities. Just like any other fresh system or update. It also allows you to change language for Windows 11. You can keep exploring this space for more such guides on working with Windows 11 and keep your knowledge up to date.

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