How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11

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Working with flexible features or screens makes the work easier and on time. Likewise, Windows 11 offers a variety of apps and features that are great assets in shaping our work flawless. Flexibility is the major aspect of Windows 11. Like you can change your user account on windows 11 and then work on different projects simultaneously. Now here in this article, we will know how to rotate the screen in Windows 11. The steps are pretty simple. Now let's quickly take a glance at it!

Rotate Screen In Windows 11 With 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on the Windows Icon: Open your Pc, turn on it. Then go to the windows icon located at the bottom taskbar. Tap on it. Next open windows 11.

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Step-2 Choose the Settings Option: Once the App options under Windows 11 appear on your screen. Find the settings app. When tapping on it. Next, open settings. There is a shortcut  “Win+I” to open the settings as well.

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Step-3 Go to the System Section: Now find the system section from the left sidebar. You will have a long list of different options under settings. Then tap on the System option.

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Step-4 Select the Display Option: The system options open another panel with different options. Go to the right panel and select the display option.

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Step-5 Locate the ‘Scale & Layout’ Section: Now under the display option on the next screen, you have to locate the scale & layout section.

  • Then from the drop-down menu, you will see the display orientation option.
  • Besides it, you will find the Landscape option.
  • So tap on it to have another list of options.
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Step-6 Then, Select Your Desired Option: Now from the list of options, choose the preferred option. Next, your menu will instantly turn into that orientation.

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Step-7 Click on the 'Keep Changes': The moment you change the orientation, a prompt message will appear on your screen.

  • The message will be written as either to keep the changes or get back to the old configuration.
  • Tap on the Keep changes to set the screen in your preferred configuration.
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What Are The Options Of Display Orientation To Rotate The Screen?

You can rotate the screen in landscape, portrait, landscape(flipped), or portrait(flipped). Choose any configuration to set on your screen on Windows 11. The screen of windows 11 is usually in landscape mode by default.

Is It Important To Confirm On Keep Changes After You Selected The Configuration?

Yes, once you selected the configuration of your choice then you must conform to the prompt message to keep the changes. Otherwise, your screen will not accept the changes you made. Furthermore, you can also revert the changes within 11 seconds to the configuration of the screen.

Can You Check The Internet Usage On Windows 11?

While performing any task or work using Windows 11 requires a proper internet connection. However, you may use the internet unlimited. It is important to limit the usage to save some Mbs. Moreover, you can track your internet usage on Windows 11. So you easily keep on checking the internet usage.

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