How to change power mode settings in Windows 11

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In Windows 10, changing the power mode of your computer is easy: select your preferred power plan from the Settings app, and Windows will automatically adjust your settings to match. However, to change the power mode settings in Windows 11 is more complicated. This guide will show you how to change your power settings in Windows 11, whether you prefer higher performance or energy conservation.

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Change Power Mode Settings In Windows 11 In 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on ‘Start’: To start with the process of changing power mode settings in Windows 11, look for the start button on the desktop. Once you find it, click on 'Start'.

Step-2 Choose the ‘Settings’ option: Choose the ‘Settings’ option or Open the Settings app using the shortcut Win+I.

Step-3 Go to the System section: In the left sidebar, you will find various options. On the top, you will find System. Click on 'System'.

Step-4 Select 'Power and Battery': In the right pane, you will find an option that says 'Power & Battery'. To dive deep into the process, click on 'Power & Battery'.

Step-5 Use the drop-down menu: Now, scroll down to 'Power mode' and use the drop-down menu

Step-6 Choose between three available modes: Best power efficiency, Balanced and Best performance. Any change you make will be auto-saved. Based on the mode you select, Windows 11 will now either offer improved performance at the expense of battery consumption or better battery life at the cost of performance. Of course, the default “Balanced” option will continue to be the middle ground between performance and battery life.


Step-7 Expand the 'Screen and Sleep' option: You can also customize the settings for how long your Windows 11 PC will remain inactive before it turns off the screen or goes to sleep. To do that, expand the 'Screen and Sleep' option

Step 8: Select your preferred durations from each drop-down menu.

Why Should You Change The Power Mode Settings in Windows 11?

This guide will show you how to change the power settings in Windows so that you can customize when the computer goes to sleep and when the screen turns off. This is helpful if you want to allow programs to keep running while you're working, or if you want to allow the screen to remain on while you're working in a brightly-lit room.

Does Windows 11 Use Less Battery?

Yes, Windows 11 uses less battery than Windows 10. In an extensive review of Windows 10, Microsoft included a table comparing battery life on different Windows versions. They found that Windows 10 Home used an average of 11% less battery than Windows 10 Pro. This is thanks to the new Battery Saver feature in Windows 10.

Can You Change Dark Theme in Windows 11?

Yes, you can change the dark theme in Windows 11! The Settings app in Windows 11 allows you to change the theme to light, or you can choose to not change the theme at all.You can change the dark theme of Windows to a light theme in Windows 11. When you change the theme of Windows to a light theme, the dark theme is automatically turned off. You can also turn off the dark theme of Windows completely in Control Panel

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