How to Change Colour in Windows 11

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Yes, you can change color in Windows 11. By default, your Windows color is blue. However, it is quite easy to change it in just a few steps. Sometimes, we want colors that give us a good feeling. Our favorite colors. The colors that mean something to us. Well, just like you personalize your laptop and change wallpaper in Windows 11, you can change color too!

Change Color in Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: Turn on your laptop and click on the start Windows option to go further.

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Step-2 Open Settings: Go to the icon of settings. We are sure you know what the Settings icon looks like, isn't it? You have to go to that icon to take this process ahead.

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Step-3 Click on Personalization: Changing colors in Windows 11 is about personalizing your laptop. So, from the panel on the left side, select the option of Personalization.

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Step-4 Click on Colors: In the different options available at the center of the screen, click on the colors option.

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Step-5 Change the Color: Now, from here, you can easily change the color of Windows 11. There are so many warm and cool colors available with many options of its shades.

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My Colors Didn't Change, What to Do?

Well, if the changes in the color did not apply to your Windows 11, there is one thing you need to do. That is turning on an option called, 'Show Accent Colors on Title Bar and Windows Border.'

Now, the question is, from where to turn on this option. It is quite easy. Go to the settings and then click on the Personalization option just as you did before. Go to the colors option. On scrolling down, beyond the choice of colors, you will find this option. It will have an on/off kind of button beside it. All you have to do is turn it on.

Thus, like this, the changes in the color will be shown on the title bars and windows borders.

How can I Check If The Changes Were Applied or Not?

When you change taskbar color in Windows 11 and turn on the option stated above, you can check the changes. Open the browser window for instance. You will see the color on the top where the window is displayed. You can also open Word or Powerpoint to see the changes around its taskbar.

Did you not like the color? Is it too dark or light? Then change the color again. See how it looks. You can do this trial and error until you find the perfect color for your Windows 11.

I Want More Color Options? Can I get Them?

There is a wide range of shades and colors available. In the colors option, look for an option called 'Custom Colors.' It is just below the color choices that are visible. Just beside the option, you will see an option of View Colors. Click on it to see a wide array of colors with all its shades.

Finally, from here, you can also see a preview of how the color looks. So, you will not have to do any trial and error.

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