How to Open Camera in Windows 11

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Do you want to open Camera in Windows 11? Well, then let us help you do it. You might want to capture a photo or a video using the webcam of your laptop. These steps will help you turn on your integrated web camera for any purpose you want. So, let's get going with the process.

Did you know that you can easily change to dark theme in Windows 11? You might not like everything bright and light. So, make it dark if you wish to.

Open Camera in Windows 11 in 3 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on the Search icon: Come on now, let's get going. Open your Windows 11 laptop or personal computer. See to it that it has an integrated webcam to follow these steps. In the quick apps list of Windows 11, the second option is to search. It is just beside the start windows icon. So, click on that to open up the search bar.

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Step-2 Go to Search Box and Search Camera: Without doing a lot of time pass, let us just directly search for the camera. Type in Camera in the search bar at the top of the page.

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Step-3 Open Camera: You will see the application appear. By clicking on that you will get a certain option. Tap on open to open camera in Windows 11. Thus, start using your camera in any way you like.

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What Can I Do With Camera Application on Windows 11?

Firstly, you can do the basic tasks of clicking pictures and taking a video through the webcam. Secondly, you can set a timer for pictures, use HDR mode, and even scan a QR code with the Windows 11 camera.

Its other features include framing grids, photo quality, and time-lapse options. All these features are quite common for a mobile device. However, getting it on a laptop is a good update.

How Can I Check Camera Permissions?

To check what all permissions the camera application has, do the following.

  • Click on the start windows option and open the settings application.
  • From the panel on the left-hand side, click on the apps option.
  • Then, click on the first option of apps and features to load a list of all the applications on your Windows 11 device.
  • From that list, look for the application of the camera.
  • Besides it, there will be a three-dot option. Click on that to reveal an option of 'Advanced Options.'
  • Click on that. Here, you will see all the details regarding the application and its permissions. You can reset it, change it, update it accordingly.

Can a Third-Party App ask For Camera Permissions? Should I Give it?

If you use zoom, google meet, or Microsoft teams, you are definitely asked for camera permission. And it is also okay to give permission to such applications to use a webcam. It will make your functioning of an online meeting smooth.

What If I Do not Have A Webcam?

So, if you do not have a webcam and want to attend google meet from a laptop only, there is a way. You can use droidcam in google meet. Because of that, you can use your mobile camera for your laptop. You just need to follow some steps and you will successfully do it! It is fun, easy, and very convenient.

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