How to find IP Address in Windows 11

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The full form of IP is the Internet Protocol address. So, before moving forward with the article, an IP address is a numerical label or address which is associated with a computer network where Internet Protocol is required for communication. With the help of an IP Address, we can also find the location of the device or data connection. We can easily find the IP address in windows 11 of the device that we ate using.

Also, if you want to check the wifi password in Windows 11 of the connected wifi network in windows then you can do that in just a few minutes. In this way, you can get obvious help if you have forgotten the password of your wifi. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to find the IP address in Windows 11.

How to Find your IP Address in Windows

Find IP Address in Windows 11 in 6 Steps

Step-1 Open the 'Windows' start icon: The first and foremost step is to click on ‘Start’ or the 'Windows' icon from your desktop screen. This is present in the taskbar.

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Step-2 Open 'Settings' application: In this step, you have to choose the 'Settings' app from the 'Windows' menu. You can also type 'Settings' in the search bar and click on search to find the App.

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Step-3 Open 'Network and Internet': Then, navigate to the 'Network & Internet' section and click on it. It is present in the left sidebar.

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Step-4 Once you reach this point, then, move to the 'Network and Internet' section which is present in the left sidebar.

  • Then, click on the 'WiFi' option on the right panel. You can use this option if you are connected to a wireless network.
  • If you are using a wired Ethernet connection, then click on the 'Ethernet'.
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Step-5 Click on the WiFi network name: Then, you just have to click on the name of the WiFi network that you are currently using on your PC or your laptop (In case, you chose WiFi).

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Step-6 Check IPv4 address: Now, just scroll down to find the 'IPv4 address'. This is the local IP address of your Windows 11 PC.

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Is It Possible To Change The IP Address of a Device At Any Point in Time?

No, the IP address for any device is fixed and permanent. You cannot change the IP address of your device even if you want to. It is the internet protocol address that defines the network connection of your device. It can not be changed.

Do Websites And Web Pages in Internet Browser Also Have Their IP Address?

Yes, every website and web page on the Internet browser has its IP address. It is a very important property of any data related entity. It can show the administrator all web pages have you visited with the help of the IP address.

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