How to Disable Animation Effects in Windows 11

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To start with, an animation effect basically a special visual or sound effect that can be added to an object or any screen. They look very attractive and catchy. Also, they can make transitions look good while using the system. But, sometimes, they can decrease the efficiency of the PC or the device. They also consume a battery more than the normal or usual battery consumption of the screen. Therefore, we recommend you disable animation effects in Windows 11. The process is not at all lengthy or hectic.

You should also have the knowledge of how to change the dark theme in Windows 11. Windows 11 gives it options to choose from. Either you can choose the light theme or the dark theme. They are also known as the day theme or the night theme. If why default your Windows comes with the dark theme then you can change it. You can change dark theme in Windows 11 and some really simple steps. But, before that learn how to disable animation effects in Windows 11.

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Disable animation effects in Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on the 'Start' or 'Windows' button: The first and foremost action to perform is to click on the Windows icon on the taskbar. It will take you to the desktop menu.

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Step-2 Click on 'Settings': Choose ‘Settings’ option. If you do not find the settings option. Then, you can also search for it in the search bar. Or, you can press 'Win+I' on the keyboard.

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Step-3 Click on 'Accessibility': In the third step, you have to go to the 'Accessibility' tab or section from the left sidebar of the 'Settings' application.

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Step-4 Click on 'Visual effects': Then, simply select the 'Visual Effects' option from the right pane. This option will be present somewhat in the middle.

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Step-5 Turn off 'Animation effects': Now, turn off the toggle n front of 'Animation effects' option. It will turn off all the animation effects that were enabled on your PC or laptop till now. This was the final step of the process.

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What Are Some Negative Effects of Using Animation Effects On Our Desktop?

No doubt that animation effects look very beautiful on the desktop or the screen of your device. But it is also true that they consume more amount of battery. The amount of battery consumption is significantly greater than usual. It can also lead to a decrease in the efficiency of your device. In some cases, it may also slow down the device.

Are Animation Effects Used In Any Other Fields Also?

Animation effects are used in most creative work. You can use animation effects to animate text, graphics, videos or even images. They can be found in many apps like Canvas and Microsoft word. They are also there in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations among others.

Can We Change The Lock Screen In Windows 11?

The lock screen is the screen where you have to enter the password of your device. This is the first screen that comes into action when you open your system. You can easily change the lock screen Windows 11 in some relaxed easy and short steps.

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