How to check if Windows 11 is activated

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A lot of times there is confusion in the minds of Windows users if their Windows is activated or not. If the Windows is not activated then a lot of features cannot be used which come with the Windows operating system.

After downloading and installing a Windows new update you should always make sure to check the activation of your Windows. As you all know that Windows 11 is the latest update of the Windows operating system.

It was ruled out in the market in October 2021. After installing Windows 11 on your PC or laptop. Always make sure to check if Windows 11 is activated or not.

After installing Windows 11, you can also pause the latest windows 11 updates on your device. Meanwhile read about how to check if Windows 11 is activated in your system in the article below in some short steps.

Check if Windows 11 is activated in 6 Steps

Step-1 Click on the 'Windows' option: Click on ‘Start’ or the 'Windows' button from your desktop screen. Clicking on it will open the startup menu.

Check if windows 11 is still activated step 2
Check if Windows 11 is still activated in step 1

Step-2 Choose the ‘Settings’ option: You will now have to open the 'Settings' app to move on with the process. You can also use the shortcut key 'Win+I' to open settings.

Step-3 Click on 'System': This option contains all the necessary information related to your system. Go to the 'System' section from the left sidebar of the menu.

Check if windows 11 is still activated step 3

Step-4 Now click on 'Activation': Select 'Activationon the right pane to move forward with the process.

Check if windows 11 is still activated step 4

Step-5 Check the message after clicking on 'Activation State': You will now see the activation page highlighting the edition of Windows 11 running on your PC. Now, check if the 'Activation state' says 'Active' with a green check-mark.

  • This means that you have an activated version of Windows 11 installed on your PC.
  • If you do not have activated windows, then you will see the text 'Not active' with a warning icon when you have not activated your Windows 11 PC.
Check if windows 11 is still activated step 5

Step-6 Click on 'Activation State': Click on the 'Activation state' option to expand the section and see more details on your device’s activation status. Also, you can check the table below to know what the status message means.

Check if windows 11 is still activated step 6

How Can We Activate Windows 11 In Our System If it is Not yet Activated?

Before activating the windows you have to first download and install it on your device. It may take some time to download the windows as they can be large.

Or we can call it heavy software. Data charges also apply while downloading and installing a new update of the windows like Windows 11. After that, you can easily activate the windows.

Most of the time it automatically gets activated. You do not have to do anything. And if it doesn't, then you can contact the administrator or the service provider.

Is It Possible To Install Games In Windows 11?

Obviously, you can install games or any other apps you want in Windows 11. It provides a large amount of storage in the form of random access memory and read-only memory. It is very easy to install games in Windows 11.

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