How to Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11

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Desktop is the place we see first while we open our personal computers or laptops. So, we must have it comfortable to view. Desktop is full of different icons and shortcuts for most of us. Sometimes, we need to change desktop icon size Windows 11. For that purpose, this guide will help you out. Adjust the icons according to your needs and see how easy and personalized your desktop makes you feel!

If you like to personalize your laptop more, change wallpaper in Windows 11. It will give you the necessary warmth and motivation when you start working on your laptop every day.

Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11 in 3 Easy Steps

This guide will teach you how to change desktop icon size in Windows 11 in just 3 steps. All you have to do is check it out and follow along to get your solution.

Step-1 Do the Right-Click on Desktop Screen: You do not need to open anything. Once your laptop is on and running, right-click on it. You can either use the mouse pad's right-click. Or even attach an external mouse to your laptop. Whichever is comfortable.

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Step-2 Click on View: On right-clicking, a pop-up menu opens up. In that, there are certain editing options. From there, take your cursor to the first one. That is the view option.

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Step-3 Change the Desktop Icon Size: When you drag your cursor to the view option, an extended menu will appear on the side. That menu is specifically for changing icon size and making other edits and adjustments.

To change desktop icon size in Windows 11, choose from the three. Large, Medium, or Small. Thus, the size will be updated on selection.

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How Will I Know Which is The Current Size?

It is very easy to know the current size of your icons. As you can see in the image above, there is a small dot before the option of 'Medium Icons.' That means the current size of the icons is medium. When you change the size to large or small, the dot will appear before that option. Like this, you can anytime get an idea about your current icon size.

What are the Other Three Options in the View List?

Apart from the three icon sizes, there are three more options in that extended list. They are 'auto arrange icons', 'align icon to grid', and 'show desktop icons.' Let us understand them one by one.

  • Firstly, there is the option of auto-arrange icons. When there is a tick before it, it means that the option is active. With that, the icons will arrange themselves on your desktop. You will not have the freedom to decide the layout. They will arrange line-by-line accordingly. You can change the sequence, but not the layout in which they are arranged.
  • The other is to align the icon with the grid. This means that when you arrange your icons yourself, they will be in a specific line horizontally and vertically. It will be according to the gridlines of the Windows 11 desktop. You can place them anywhere, but it is placed in a specific grid only, aligning them horizontally and vertically.
  • The third is to show desktop icons. This is active by default. If you deactivate it, you will not see icons and shortcuts on your screen and vice versa.

Thus, you can understand all types of icon settings from here. You can change password in Windows 11 frequently to keep all your settings and personalization safe.

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