How to Install Games in Windows 11

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You need some refreshments while you work. For that purpose, you can install games in Windows 11 and take a breather while you work. You can get any free games directly from the Microsoft store itself. Have you installed some game but cannot locate it? Try to change the desktop icon size in Windows 11 and make it large. You might have missed it because of the small icons.

Let us install your favorite games on your Windows 11 with the help of the following guide.

Install Games in Windows 11 in 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on Microsoft store: Well, you cannot just get apps from Google, right? Even on your mobile device, you need to download games from the play store or the app store. Similarly, on your Windows 11, go to the Microsoft store. You will find it pinned to the taskbar or in the list of applications.

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Step-2 Click on the Game Icon: On opening the store, you will see some icons on the left side. The third option is Gaming. To install games, you need to select the option of Gaming from here.

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Step-3 Choose the Game: You will see a long list of games here. Some would be free while others would be paid. You can make your choice regarding the applications. Surf through them, read their reviews and select the one that interests you the most.

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Step-4 Click on Get: Open the game that you want to install. After that, you will see the option of 'Get.' Click on that. By doing so, it will start downloading and will be installed on your device soon.

Thus, like this, you get your game up and running on your mobile device.

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Is There Any Limit to Downloading Games on Windows 11?

There is no limit to the number of games that you can download from the Microsoft store. However, the only limit is your device's storage. With more and more applications, your storage space can become full. Further, it might not have enough space for newer games. So, just keep your device storage in mind while you install games on your Windows 11.

Can I Delete The Games After Downloading?

You can surely delete the games if you are bored of them or your storage space is full. In any case, it is similar to deleting apps in Windows 11. You can easily delete any applications that you have installed. However, you cannot remove the applications that are pre-installed on your device. Just like you cannot remove the play store or google on your mobile device.

Can I Use a Camera In Games?

You can easily open the camera in Windows 11 and give the game permission to use the camera. So, there are certain games in the market that utilize cameras. You can do that from a laptop and play the game without any hurdles. Your Windows 11 will not stop you from using the camera for gaming purposes. You can go to the settings and then permissions to check the camera permission. Change it if required and start playing amazing games on your device.

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