How to Change Password in Windows 11

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If your personal data and work data are stored on your laptop, you must be using a password. But, if you are looking to change password in Windows 11, then someone might have come to know about it. Or you would have got bored of your password. In any case, it is fairly easy to change the password. However, to clarify, you must remember your old password for the purpose.

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Change Password in Windows 11 in 6 Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: Everything has to start somewhere, right? The start windows icon is your start of the process. So, click on it to go ahead.

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Step-2 Go to Settings: From there, select the well-known Settings icon. It is among the list of other applications on your device.

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Step-3 Click on Accounts: In the panel that appears on the left-hand side, click on the option of Accounts. Password is something that is a part of your account, linked to your account. So, clicking on that will be your way forward.

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Step-4 Click on Sign-in Options: There, the fourth option is of 'Sign-in' Options. Click on that to change password in Windows 11.

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Step-5 Click on Password: Under the sign-in options, there is an option of Password. You are almost there now. Reaching the next and the final step you can change your password.

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Step-6 Change the Password: By clicking on the password, an option of Change opens up at the bottom of it. Click on that.

You will have to enter your old or current password for this purpose. Once you do that successfully, you can enter your new password.

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What All Will I Need to Change Password?

Firstly, you just need to remember your old password. Once you do that, the further process is fairly easy. If you are logged in to your laptop, that means you already know your password and haven't forgotten it.

On entering the old password, you go further. You need to write your new password, confirm the new password by writing it again, and add a hint to your password. Click on done and your password is successfully updated in no time. Make sure you remember that you have updated it when you log in again.

What is the Password Hint Option?

This is a very good option so that you do not forget your password at all. For example, if you add someone's birthdate as your password, you can type in that person's name and write 'bdae' beside it. So, if by any chance you type in the wrong password, your PC will give you that hint. By looking at the hint, you will quickly remember your password and be able to log in.

Make sure that you put a very clear hint that you can understand and remember from when you forget. However, it should not be so direct that anyone opening the PC can understand. Thus, be a little creative and smart while adding. Did you know, you can also reset Telegram app Password

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