How to Disable Find My Device Option in Windows11

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Not everyone may want to know the whereabouts of their device. Sometimes users want to disable the find my device option in windows11 for various reasons. You can also disable Bluetooth in windows 11 to limit connectivity.

The Find my device option enables laptop owners to determine where their laptops are. This feature makes your laptop secure during robbery and theft. With the find my device option, you can easily retrieve your device.

However, if you don't want the find my device option enabled on your device, you can follow this guide to turn it off easily.

How to Enable and Use Find My Device in Windows 11

Disable Find My Device Option in Windows11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on the Windows Icon: First, open your laptop or desktop and click on the windows icon. It will be located on the taskbar and contain a windows icon.

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Step-2 Choose ‘Settings’ Option: A new page will open. From here, you have to open the Settings app. You can also try using the shortcut “Win+I”.

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Step-3 Go To The Privacy & Security Section: On the settings page, find the privacy and security option. It will be located below accessibility on the left sidebar. Click on this option.

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Step-4 Select Find My Device: Scroll down and under Security, select Find my device. You will find it under the Windows security option. Click on it.

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Step-5 Turn Off The Toggle Switch: Next, toggle the switch off in front of the "Find my device" heading. Make sure it shows off. You have now successfully disabled the find my device option.

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Can I Save My Location History In Windows 11?

People using Windows 11 have the benefit of saving and viewing their location history on their laptop or pc.

To save the location, you have to temporarily turn off the GPS after going to a new place. The data will be saved in the Windows 11 server for later use.

You can easily clear location history in windows 11 by following some simple steps. You can delete your location history from the privacy and security section.

Can I Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11?

If you are using Windows 11 on your laptop or pc, you can change the theme of your display. You can choose from two options—light and dark mode.

If you want to select either of these modes, go to the settings section and open the personalization option. You will find display settings and themes on this page.

Now, you can adjust the theme as and when required. You can also switch themes even after you have saved one a few minutes ago.

Can I Increase the Font Size in Windows 11?

If you have trouble with the default font size in Windows 11, you can adjust it according to your requirement. Many people might find the letters too small to read, especially if they are long-sighted.

In this case, you can opt for a bigger font size. You can also reduce the font size but it's not recommended since it may harm your eyes.

Also, you have to navigate to the accessibility and text size sections to adjust the font size. You can save and restore the changes when you want.

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