How to Add New Folder in Windows 11

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Do you want to add new folder in Windows 11? It is very easy and requires just a few clicks. It is easier than changing wallpaper in Windows 11. Do you not believe it? Then follow the steps and see for yourself. We need new folders for different purposes. If you are someone who likes to keep everything sorted in different folders, then you should know how to create new ones. Like that, all your data can be arranged according to dates or occasions.

Add New Folder in Windows 11 in 4 Steps

This guide will help you learn to create new folders and add them anywhere on your Windows 11 desktop.

Step-1 Right-click on Screen: Get your laptop or personal computer going. Log in to your Windows 11. Once done, just right-click on the screen with the help of an external mouse or the in-built mousepad.

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Step-2 Click on New: From the pop-up menu that appears, look for the option of 'New.' It has a plus sign as its icon on the left end. It also has an arrow looking like a greater than sign at its right end. Take your mouse over that option.

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Step-3 Click on Folder: Now, a drop-down menu appears. From that, select the option of Folder to add new folder in Windows 11.

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Step-4 New Folder Appears: Thus, like this, you add a new folder. You can add your data, files, rename the folder, and arrange it accordingly.

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Isn't it very easy? Just right-click, New, and Folder! Voila, the folder is added. Now, let us look at certain concerns that users usually have while using Windows 11.

Can I Create a Folder Anywhere with These Steps?

Yes, these steps can be followed anywhere inside other folders too. These are the steps that helps create a new folder even inside a folder. So, you can create a main folder first. Then, inside it, you can add as many extra folders as you want. You can even go inside any drive and create a folder like this to add it to your data.

Can I Pin the Folder? How?

Pinning a folder is very easy. This means that you want to access the folder without having to look much for it. Firstly, you need to locate the folder that you want to pin. Take your cursor over the folder and right-click on it. By doing so, a drop-down menu opens from which select the option of 'Pin to Start.' Thus, you would pin your folder. You can even pin your folder to quicks access by clicking on 'Pin to Quick Access.'

From Where Will I See my Folder If I Pin to Start?

When you Pin your folder to start, it is available with other applications. When you click on the Windows option, a list of applications appears. Your folder is pinned along with them. Thus, whenever you want to visit that folder, you just have to click on Windows option and your folder will be right in front of you!

Can I Delete My Password in Windows 11?

You can surely Delete password in Windows 11. However, you should know that like this, your system loses its protection from others. They can open anything, view any folder, and alter it.

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