How to Delete Apps in Windows 11

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You can delete apps in Windows 11 that are unwanted and extra. If you feel your space is unnecessarily filled up with applications that you do not need, then simply remove them. You do not need to change user account in Windows 11 for doing so. The applications are linked to the system and not the user account. So, you delete apps from the device and not from a specific account.

Now, let us get through the steps. Make sure you have your device ready to use for following along.

Delete Apps in Windows 11 in 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: On turning on your laptop or personal computer having the latest Windows 11 update, you will be ready to go further. Just click on the start Windows icon from where you quickly access your applications and folders.

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Step-2 Go to Settings: Now, go to the application of settings. That will be your gateway to further application settings and changes.

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Step-3 Click on Apps: From the panel on the left-hand side, click on the apps option to delete apps from Windows 11.

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Step-4 Click on Apps & Features: In the apps category, the first option is 'Apps and Features.' Click on that to see the list of all your installed applications.

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Step-5 Choose the App to Uninstall: Go through the list thoroughly. Scan and select the one that you want to delete. Besides the app, there are two things. One is the amount of storage it occupies on your device. Secondly, there is a three-dot icon. Click on that to go further to the final step of the process.

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Step-6 Click on Uninstall Button to Uninstall the App: From the two options that appear by clicking on the three-dots, select uninstall. Like this, you can delete apps in Windows 11.

It is nothing complicated. You just have to be clear on which application you want to delete and uninstall from your device.

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What If I Delete the Application by Mistake?

You can install the deleted application again from the Microsoft store directly on your device. You will get the application back and running in no time.

What If I Delete a Licensed/Purchased Application?

In this scenario too, you just need to re-install the application. If you have purchased the application or software, you will be having login credentials. So, when you log in with the help of that credentials, you will get back that app, simple.

Can I Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11?

Changing Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11 is no rocket science. You can either keep them large, medium, or small. There are other options too regarding the same that you should check out.

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