How to Change Brightness in Windows 11

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If you have started using Windows 11, you should get acquainted with it. It is not much different from Windows 10. So, you will not have a lot of struggle. However, you should know some technicalities of it.

Firstly, let us learn to change brightness in Windows 11. It is very easy and will be done in no time.

Change Brightness in Windows 11 in 5 Steps

Step-1 Click on Start: Do you know the start button has shifted to the center from the bottom left corner? Click on the Windows start button to go further.

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Step-2 Click on Settings: Now, there are various app icons on the screen. It almost looks like a mobile or tablet version of the applications menu. From there, click on the Settings option.

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Step-3 Click on System: As we want to change brightness, we will go further to system settings. On the left side, there is a panel that lists different types of settings. From there, you can find the system option.

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Step-4 Click on Display: Brightness is a part of the display. So, it is obvious that you need to click on the display option.

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Step-5 Adjust the Brightness: Under the display category, you will see the first option of brightness. There is a slider beside it. Bring the slider to the left to decrease the brightness and move it to the right to increase it.

Thus, like this, you can change brightness very quickly.

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Are There Any Shortcuts?

Definitely, there is a shortcut. You might need to change the brightness time and again based on your surrounding and time of the day. For this purpose, you should use the shortcut. The F2 and f3 keys help you with it. f2 for decreasing the brightness and F3 for increasing it. You do not need to do anything other than press the button. Simple, clear, and when you need to do it multiple times in a day, it is feasible too.

Can I Use WhatsApp Web in Windows 11?

Yes, you can surely use WhatsApp web in Windows 11 too. No matter the version of windows, the browser functions the same. The change is only in the look and accessibility of the features. Otherwise, everything functions just the same. Just search for WhatsApp in your browser. Click on the official link, scan the QR code from your mobile device and use it as swiftly as any other Windows version.

I Want to Start Using Gmail in Windows 11

You will need to log in to your Gmail account from your laptop that supports Windows 11. Open the browser in your Windows 11 and click on the Gmail option. Log in to your email account. You can start using it immediately after that. And did you know? You can format the font in Gmail inbox. You can change the font style of the emails that you send from your laptop. It is very fun and easy to do so.

Thus, Windows 11 is not too much an alien. Once you start using it, you can follow up easily with the help of some guides.

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