How To Remove Shortcuts In Google Chrome

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Remove shortcuts from Google Chrome created by Chrome itself to facilitate you.

Chrome analyses your frequency of visiting the apps and adds shortcuts. But some people prefer to delete the shortcuts. Shortcuts are created by either Chrome itself or the user. It is more like stopping a YouTube channel from appearing again and again. Let's see how we can remove shortcuts from google chrome.

How to remove the shortcuts in Chrome

Remove shortcuts in Google Chrome in 3 steps

Step-1 Open Chrome: At first, take your cell and open the Chrome app on it.

Step-2 Long Tap The Icon: Now choose the icon of the application you wish to remove from your shortcuts. Thereafter long press on the icon.

Step-3 Select The 'Remove' Button: At last, you will notice 5 options out of which you are to choose 'Remove'. This is how you can remove the shortcut on your Home screen.


How Can I Delete Shortcuts On Chrome Windows?

It is pretty easy to remove shortcuts on Google Chrome using Windows. You just have to:

  • Click on the three-dot menu.
  • You will see two options.
  • select 'Remove' and you're done.

How Can Having Shortcuts Be A Problem For Anyone?

Having shortcuts on Google Chrome can be a problem for a lot of people out there.

Some people like privacy. They don't want people to know what websites/apps they usually surf. That is why they prefer to delete them from time to time. So it doesn't appear on their Home page.

How Many Shortcuts Can Be Created On Google Chrome?

Creating shortcuts can ease your efforts to log into an app or website on Chrome.

But there is also a limit to how many shortcuts can be created by us on Chrome. Google Chrome allows us to create up to 10 shortcuts on our home page. Which I believe is more than enough. Who would wish to have a home page filled with shortcuts? I hope you now understand it better.

Can I also Add Shortcuts For My Favorite blogs Or Is It Just For Apps?

There is nothing like you can only add apps to your shortcuts on Google Chrome.

It also allows you to add your favorite websites to shortcuts as the apps you use are also running on websites only. You just need to open the website and click on the three-dot menu to choose 'Add to home screen. That is all you need to do to create a shortcut to a particular website.

How Does Google Knows What Shortcuts You Want?

Google knows everything about what you search on the internet. It analyses your search patterns.

It keeps track of your frequency of visiting a particular site and adds it to your shortcuts. So you don't have to type every time. Remember how YouTube starts suggesting videos based on the frequency of watching similar videos? That's how it is. Although you can also stop the recommended channels as well. You can also remove shortcuts in google chrome by using the steps mentioned above.

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