How to check download history on google chrome

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Check download history on Google chrome to access recent/earlier downloads made by you.

The download history can act as a life savior in case someone is unable to find exact files on the device. Be it on Android or Windows. The download history can be a mess in Windows 11 but there is an option to set a custom location for downloads in Windows 11. So you can save your downloads separately from the default location. Let us now dig into the steps through which you can check download history on Google Chrome

How to check downloaded history on your Chrome browser

Check download history on Google Chrome in 4 steps

Step-1 Open chrome: First thing first, click on your Chrome application and open it.

Step-2 Go to 'three dot menu': You can now see the three-dot menu over there. Select it to open the menu.

Step-3 Select 'Downloads': The menu contains a list and options of Chrome out of which you are to choose 'Downloads'.

Step-4 Your download history is here: Chrome will open the history of your downloads in front of you. You can now find the respective downloads.


Is There An Option To Manage Our Downloads?

There is nothing like managing downloads as such but there is one option you can use instead of it.

There is a search bar in the downloads through which you can find your downloads easily without scrolling too much. You just have to tap the search icon, write the name of a document/image/file, etc. and you will find it within seconds.

Can We See Our Downloads When Offline?

You can see your downloads when you're offline on your android device and PC as well for that matter.

You have to download a particular website page, image, document, or pdf in order to access them offline. After you have done that you can easily get into those files and enjoy them even when your internet is turned off.

How To Share Downloaded Files?

This is how you can do so:

  • Go to the 'three-dot' menu.
  • Go to 'downloads'.
  • Choose the file you wish to share and tap the 'three-dot' menu
  • Now click 'Share' to share with whoever you wish to.

How To Delete All Downloads?

Firstly, you need to go to downloads where you can find your downloads.

You can either long press on the downloads to delete them or you can just tap on three dots on every downloaded file and choose to delete. Apps like Youtube also provide options to delete downloaded videos on YouTube.

Can We Change Download Location On Phone?

You can change it in your file manager but you can also go to your settings and then select downloads that show your downloaded files.

You need to now tap the settings icon in downloads and enable 'Ask where to save files. By doing so you will always get to decide where you wish to save your files. That will be your choice to make at the time of download itself.

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