How to get snapchat on chrome

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Get Snapchat on chrome to use it on the website instead of the application.

There are times when you wish to use your Snapchat but do not have the application or you are using a desktop. Worry no more as Snapchat is also available on the browser where you can use it. From logging into Instagram and youtube to Accessing google drive you can run everything in Chrome. Let us now see how you can get Snapchat on your browser with these steps.

How to get Snapchat on Google Chrome android

Get Snapchat on Chrome in 4 easy steps

Step-1 Open Playstore: To open Snapchat in the browser you will first need to download the app itself on your Android device. For that purpose, you need to open Playstore.

Step-2 Search Snapchat In Search Bar: In Playstore, type Snapchat and search.

Step-3 Click On Install: when the results open you can easily detect Snapchat app. Hit the Install button right next to the icon. Thereafter create an account on it.

Step -4 Now Log into Your Account: Now that you have an account you can open Chrome and add your login credentials to run it on the website.

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How Many Apps Can I Run In Chrome Apart From Snapchat?

Apart from Snapchat, there are several apps that you can run on the Chrome browser.

For example Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Some of the features of these applications can only be operated in Chrome. For example, deactivating Gmail accounts, and Instagram accounts, and Hiding subscribers from the YouTube channel.

Is Snapchat Safe To Use?

Yes, Snapchat is one of the safe applications used by people all over the globe.

It provides features like making you choose when to delete the chats. You can modify it to delete it after seeing it or in 24 hours and Snapchat will automatically delete it. It also gives a notification when someone deletes the text or takes a screenshot. This way you can always know what the open user is intending.

What Is The Purpose Of Snapchat Streaks?

The purpose of streaks is to simply have fun and feel connected with friends by sending snaps.

People send snaps on a daily basis and Snapchat keeps count of them. It shows how many days they have been maintaining streaks. It incentivizes the users to do more and Snapchat successfully increases engagement.

Can We Send Streaks Through Chrome?

No. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn't allow you to send streaks on the website.

You cannot send streaks using Chrome. It is required to install the application to do so. You can install it from Playstore and log into it and send streaks to your friends.

Is Snapchat Better Than Instagram?

Both these apps are popular among youngsters nowadays and used frequently.

Snapchat as compared to Instagram is safer as it has features specially built for the safety of people. Where Snapchat notifies when someone tries to take a screenshot, Instagram doesn't. Snapchat doesn't provide a profile filled with pictures while Instagram is all about profiles and sharing content. Which keeps them hooked for long hours.

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