How to unblock a website on Chrome

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Unblock a website on Chrome that is certainly restricted by Google Chrome.

There are times when you must have noticed how you are unable to open a website. This is because Chrome has detected security threats from the website. But sometimes you know that the site is legit and wish to unblock it in order to use it. It is a bit different from blocking and unblocking people on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, telegram, etc. Let us see how you can unblock a website on Chrome:

How to unblock websites on Chrome Android

Unblock a website on Chrome in 7 easy steps

Step-1 Open Chrome: Let,s start by opening the Chrome browser on your Android.

Step-2 Go To The Three-dot Menu: Tap the 'more' icon to open the menu containing certain options.

Step-3 Click On Setting: Now, go to the 'settings' to proceed further.

Step-4 Go To Site Setting: In settings, you need to go to 'Site settings.

Step-5 Select The Site: Now you need to select the site which you wish to unblock for yourself.

Step-6 Tap On Clear & Reset: You will notice a blue button below sounds. Tap on the 'Clear&reset' button.

Step-7 Click Clear And Reset Button: Lastly, it will confirm whether you really want to do so, you have to tap on 'Clear and reset'.


Can I Block Websites On My Desktop As Well?

Yes, it is possible to block websites using a desktop. As it is not desirable to have no option to prevent harmful websites.

You require to look for the 'Block site' extension for your browser. After adding it to your taskbar you will be able to see it on the top right corner of your home screen. Then you visit the website and tap on the extension icon to 'Block the site'.

Is There Another Way To Block A Website On Google Chrome Windows?

Yes, there is a feature or two through which you can block a website on Google Chrome using Windows.

One of them is the 'Safe search feature. For using this all you need to do is open the Chrome app on your desktop and sign in. Then you need to open to click on 'Turn on SafeSearch'. Now you're good to go.

How Can I Open Blocked Websites On My iPhone?

Blocking a site on ios is different from that of android. it doesn't come with an in-built feature.

You will require to install a 'block site' for your ios. Thereafter, click on the plus(+) icon stated in the bottom right corner. It will provide you with a search bar in which you can type the website details you wish to block. Now you just need to add it to the blocked list and your job is done.

What Is The Other Way To Unblock Websites On Chrome Android?

Yes, there is also another way to unblock websites than the one mentioned above in the article.

There is a free app for Android mobiles that you can use named 'Turbo VPN'. It is available in Playstore and easy to launch. You need to give permission to it and then you can start surfing. You can surf all the websites. Even those that are blocked in your country just by changing your country in VPN. It is more like using Incognito mode in YouTube and Chrome itself.

Why Does Chrome Block Websites Which Can Be Important To The Users?

Chrome considers the safety of its users the top priority. That is why it makes sure we don't land on an unsafe site.

If the website isn't safe it might spam. There are online threats caused by such websites that can affect the users. Chrome makes sure to block and at least warn you before you jump into a website. It also gives you options to unblock those websites as mentioned above in the article.

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